The Time Traveler, The N Word

16 02 2010

The nigger word was concocted during a time in our history when being Negro, Black, or African-American was considered ugly, unacceptable, and inferior. It’s traveled with us for centuries, like a black plague it’s a vital reminder of the anguish and degradation that our fore-fathers’ had to endure on a daily basis. Through time-travel it has been desensitized and transformed to what some consider is a less harsher term; nigga word was born. For quite some time it has appeared in our talk music and dare I admit this, used as a term of endearment towards another person. It’s on our streets, out of the mouths of our people, so it was no surprise to me when John Mayer used the term nigger during his March 2010 Playboy Magazine interview. What was shocking was how he used it…nonchalance, like an everyday word to describe the homeboys at the corner store. I actually think John thought it would impress his interviewer that he knew some slang…or not! For John Mayer, this slip of the tongue is something that will become a bashful incident; but for us, it’s a wake up call. Whether the blatant ‘nigger’ or its derivative ‘nigga’ is used, it still leaves an uncomfortable stench that fills the air when spoken and a constant reminder that we will never overcome the pain of our past until we bury this word and discontinue it’s usage.