Has Project Runway Runs Its Course?

12 12 2009

Project Runway‘s new advertisement caught my attention instantly with the backdrop of glittering lights that NYC is renowned for. The new season’s punchline is returning back to its roots in New York, NY! Whoa…did I miss a full season already? As a PR enthusiast, I was completely disheartened when Bravo lost the battle with Lifetime over one of my most coveted shows. Let me be honest…when I think of Lifetime, I think of those mommy movies with commercials, not a hot fashion exhibition! I still gave it a look-see once…maybe twice and it immediately lost my attention. Dare I admit…Bravo’s Housewives of Atlanta took over my Thursday 10pm slot! So this caused me to wonder…has Project Runway run its course? Many reality shows have shelf-lives of about 3 seasons and after that, it would take something monumental to grasp my interests and something else to sustain it. For instance, I was completely devoted to Tyra & America’s Next Top Model when it first appeared and I was so excited when Eva-the-Diva won!. After that, I didn’t even tune in for the finales let alone the antics of Janice Dickerson. Which season did she get booted off again? But Project Runway was different and had my attention throughout all of its years on Bravo…I just didn’t care for its new home on Lifetime. To me they took a hot show and made it lukewarm. I heard that the show’s viewership was at a devastating low which is a strong indication that it’s headed towards the end. Will returning to New York be the necessary change that can accelerate it’s poor ratings? Only time will tell. I will be checking it out on January 14, 2010 at 10pm.


Good Hair, Did Chris Rock It???

22 10 2009

Chris Rock

Okay, this is my third post and the last time I’m revisiting Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair.  And after all the talk shows visits and my friends’ recommendations, I was hyped to see what Chris had unleashed about our haircare. I have to admit that I was NOT astounded.  In fact, I was very disappointment with his edutainment about African American rituals. You may find this to be shocking but hear me out first! Here are the pros: Yes, it was informative when he did the scientific experiment with sodium hydroxide (but on the real, anyone who perms their hair already knows about scalp burn and has experienced it at least once); Uncovering children getting perms at extremely tender ages was just sickening, (And it makes me appreciate my momma putting her foot down and making me wait until I was 12); The Asian connection in supply/demand for our products was an eye opener, (Come to think about it, I’ve seen them running most of the beauty supply stores in my neighborhood). Now the cons: Chris basically tapped on the perms and the weave industries; he didn’t represent for the natural sisters, (Having a few celebrities with their natural hair would have broaden the topic…would’ve loved to hear from Michaela angela Davis, Janelle Monae or Solange to name a few); Visiting all types of salons (Let’s face it, many of us visit both the Dominicans and upscale salons); And what the heck does the bedroom scene has to do with hair??? (Okay, maybe a little, Nia Long is on top…Wow! But going into the inappropriate made Chris lose viewers especially those who were the stem of this documentary…the youths). So these are my thoughts let me know what you think!

Jada Pinkett Smith & Hawthorne

17 06 2009

I don’t know about you but I was excited to see Jada Pinkett Smith return to the small screen. Her face was the headlining appeal that sweetened the deal for yet another hospital drama. Its been awhile since I seen Mrs. Smith although she was around and starred in movies Reign Over Me (2007) as Don Cheadle’s wife and The Women (2008) as an unconvincing lesbian. Both roles weren’t groundbreaking and if you blinked or even worse fell asleep like I did, you missed her performance.

TNT debuted Hawthorne on June 16th at 9pm (EST) and it posed a slight difference from its competitors with showcasing from a nurse’s perspective of handling traumas instead of the Md’s. From the first 5 minutes, Jada’s character was cast into immediate drama when one of her patients jumped off the roof after she called his bluff. She also struggled to retrieve his name on the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) listing and he was resuscitated; Do I hear a lawsuit? To put a cherry on top of it all, her character was arrested and I actually laughed when she screamed that she worked there. The conflicts were lukewarm and the drama level was low. On the upside, I could forecast that Jada and Michael Vartan’s characters will eventually have an affair because their connection is evident. And adding Alicia Keys music to the background was also a pleasant touch.

It was a world wind of events but it has yet to astound me.  Because it’s Jada, I will return next week to give it another assessment before I rid it as a waste. For now, I’ll be at Showtime watching Edie Falco’s Nurse Jackie.

The 2 Faces of Lil’ Kim

10 04 2009

Lil Kim is the main reason why I’ve been continuously watching this season’s Dancing With The Stars. Her first performance was good; actually captivating, because I’ve never seen Kim dance before. I’ve seen her body-bopping in her videos but I wouldn’t categorize that as really dancing. Nevertheless, Kim has continued to astound me each week with her graceful agility and her refreshing humbleness. I’m very proud of her dance floor achievements and have high hopes for Kim to win. Or at least come in second place next to Gilles Marini who is a heavy contender and has made a habit of steaming up the screen since his performance in the Sex And The City movie. Ladies, you remember that outdoor shower scene don’t you?


On the other hand, what I find to be incredibly disappointing about Lil Kim is her altered physical appearance. And frankly, it is NOT an improvement. She is barely recognizable and to be honest, L.K. reminds me of a miniature version of Latoya Jackson. We have all witnessed the unnecessary transformation of Kim. First was the breast augmentation that Kim so proudly modeled for us at 1999 MTV Awards. Do you recall that shrilling moment when Diana Ross couldn’t resist paying homage to her breast? I’m still flabbergasted by that one. This was a subtle change for Kim and although I didn”t agree with it, I still condoned her choice; she looked good.


Lets transcend to present day which is actually ten years later. Kim has not only added buxom boobs and an ample derriere to her petite frame but she has also changed her facial features as well. I could only imagine how her mother must feel about that one. These surgeries weren’t necessary or warranted as preventative. On the real, it could have been detrimental to her health. Let’s not forget about the unfortunate example Donda West has taught us.


Still bemused by Kim’s decision to plasticized her face, I’ve come to the following conclusion on why Kim chose this direction. Stating the obvious, Kim wasn’t loving herself unconditionally. She wanted to change what she thought were her imperfections. She didn’t love that nose, cheekbones, lips, and eyes. She felt her breasts were too small and her behind too flat. What Kim has to realize is that these are God’s gifts and to him we are all beautiful.

-shani anona

Is Tyler Perry’s Madea Funny Anymore?

7 04 2009


Tyler Perry’s upcoming film version of I Can Do Bad All by Myself is scheduled for a Sept 2009 release. I have to admit, I’m not exactly enthused. Sure Tyler is a tremendous talent and has become a formidable powerhouse in his own right but the thought of watching another movie featuring him as Madea doesn’t impress me anymore. I am looking forward to seeing Ms. Taraji P. Henson do her sassy thang in her second role in Perry’s films. I can’t wait to witness Mary J. Blige in her first big screen role. I’m even itching to seeing Gladys Knight and hope that she bellows a tune or two. But I don’t want to see Madea anymore. It’s Boring Boo!

Yes, Eddie Murphy has done it before in a few films and Martin Lawerence had his go at it too. Each has portrayed women characters and made huge profits off of it. Since his film debut in 2006, Tyler Perry has graced us with the Madea character in five films. It may not seem like a lot to some but I beg to differ. How many laughs will you get with Madea wilding out when she doesn’t get her way? Is it really funny when she slurs her words? How many of her relatives need her intervention for it to be enough? Its time to put Madea to rest. Do you feel me?

Reality Tv’d Out???

31 03 2009

Is it just me or are you too reality tv’d out? I tried to support these shows and give them a chance to impress me…well, the whoo-me-factor hasn’t been done lately and I’ve been very patient. With the exception of a few creative reality shows like Project Runway (when does the new season start?), T.I.’s Road to Redemption (big up to T.I. during his time in prison), and American Idol (when is Simon going to give up those darn t-shirts?), all current reality tv shows are just simply boring, annoying and predictable!

Why does Ray J need to find love publicly? Is it because he wants to have a harem of semi-attractive women parading themselves around him vying for his attention? Okay, that may be a man’s dream but haven’t we had enough with the Flava Flav’s buffoonery and New York’s antics. C’mon people, you know its enough!the-heights

And now here we go, with the next realm of catty chicks with the snootiest attitudes.  I haven’t seen so many pursed lips on females since standing at the end of a bursar line at school. Well thanks to Harlem Heights we get to revisit the schoolyard again. I’ll be the first to admit that I was initially attracted to the show due to viewing Harlem’s nightlife and the parading fashions.  But after the first couple of episodes I knew this was just another backstabbing, man/woman-stealing, Kanye West plugging show…nothing original. Blah!

Ohh the horror of College Hill South Beach. Another show casting sailor-mouthed wrestling females and males in their journey of education; Nonetheless, not worth a phrase more. Lastly, I’m totally disappointed with the candy behind Candy Girls. This show illustrates that there can be NO class and little glamour behind the scenes of videos; mostly drama. Expected!

On the real, I haven’t found many new reality tv shows sending positive messages to our youths. Its even more displeasing that most of the craziest shows cast black folks who are depicted in less than flattering terms. Here’s a dose of reality for you reality stars….WAKE UP!!! If you are feeling the way I do, please share your thoughts.