A Woman & Her Shoes

13 05 2009

Did my cardio the other day when I revisited the mall with a friend. I’ve become a skillful sightseer and learned to look, not touch. Any shopaholic knows that is the ultimate challenge because the feel is what determines a sale or not. Since I’m familiar with my weaknesses (shoes and bags), I painstakingly tried not to get too close to things that caught my interests. So I strolled into Saks with confidence knowing that the prices alone would control my addiction. Broke my oath (or spell) when I stumbled across the shoe section and found these lovelies. The brand…Cole Haan, the name…Geneveive OT Air Pump, the color… copper! I was instantly smitten and immediately picked up the shoe. I noticed a few more things: Peep-toe to showcase polished nails; generously padded with the Nike Air pump which gives it extra support for walking; perfect heel which is not too high or low, I’m not a fan of stilts or stilettos. The shoe was also on sale which would make it a keeper except it wasn’t low enough for an unemployed sister to purchase. I’m still in love and I know that I will find these shoes again when the time is right.

Cole Haan Genevieve OT Air Pump


Bravo’s The Fashion Show, A Hit Or Miss?

7 05 2009

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The Fashion Show will premiere tonight at 10pm EST on Bravo and I must admit I’m having mixed feelings. We all heard that Project Runway has moved to Lifetime (Season 6 debuts on August 20th at 10pm EST) and I’m skeptical to see if Bravo could rebound from such a huge lost. The Fashion Show will feature 15 professional designers who will compete to have a clothing line developed and a hefty $125, 000 prize. Kelly Rowland will serve as a host (as opposed to Heidi Klum) but I really don’t view Kelly as a fashion-forward type of gal. To be honest, she’s basically known for her popularity as the third member of Destiny’s Child. Designer Isaac Mizarhi will also share hosting duties which marks another subtle change, (will he provide the snark that Michael Kors is loved for on PR?) Both will also perform judging duties alongside with Senior Vice President of IMG Fashion, Fern Mallis. The differences that this show offers is that the contestants will now face two challenges within each episode, (a Harper’s Bazaar mini challenge & the usual elimination round). So do you think this show will be a hit or miss?

Confession of a Tamed Shopaholic

27 04 2009

Visited an old friend yesterday and it was so refreshing. Its been awhile since we’ve seen each other; we’ve been distant ever since my unemployment. We spent about an hour to reacquaint ourselves but I’ve realized immediately that I had changed. My obsession with impulsive and habitual spending was nullified…gone…finito! Its official and I’m here to report that I’m a tamed shopaholic. My long-lost buddy, Macy’s, is no longer a driving force in my life.

Martin Haesemeyer on Flickr

Martin Haesemeyer on Flickr

My reputation has proceeded me for years and I’ve been known to be a spontaneous shopper. I would buy things for my different moods, happy or sad; good or bad. Prices were red flags to me and I used to charge it furiously like an agitated bull. So it was a challenge for me to visit Macy’s (watch section in particular) without some sort of trepidation. I was determined to face the beast and even tried on my coveted Bulova watch. It glittered against my wrist and I soaked in the dream as the sales lady, Jody, tried dilligently to entice the sale. She confessed that Macy’s was giving a 50% sale on the watch and it was the lowest she’s ever seen it sell for… Oh and do I have a Macy’s charge?bulovaNow this item I have been admiring from afar for about 5 years; the price was so high, it made this shopaholic’s head spin. I told Jody that I had the store card but overrided her pitch when I passed her back the watch. I thanked her kindly for her time and walked away. I’m proud of myself and realized that I finally grew some discipline.  I still love that Bulova watch but for now I will dance with it in my dreams.

-shani anona