The mission of this blog is to serve as a model of edutainment about the personal – to – professional journeys of its creator, Shani Anona. Life is SERIOUS, why not embrace it through rose-colored glasses? Shani shares her triumphs and mischances within six categories: Creative Corner, Heavyweight Champ, Material World, Pursuit of Employment, Talking Smack, and Uncategorized.  You can expect all posts to be  filled with honesty and are sometimes delivered undiluted but always with a hint of humor, nonetheless.

With Shani Anona’s natural mixture of idealistic and charismatic qualities, she has an appreciation for the written word and the importance of self expression. At the age of twelve she developed a lifelong dream of becoming an established author and began writing short stories that entertained both her peers and adults. This desire continues to exist and will be demonstrated throughout this blog. Three words that defines Shani Anona’s Blog: Educate, Entertain, Inspire.


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