Driving While Impatient

6 04 2010

I never thought it would happen to me. I always thought I was a good driver whose thriving to become a great one. I’m defensive when needed and yet yielding especially to the pedestrians on the streets. I never abuse the horn regardless if I’m in a hospital zone or not; although there were times that I wanted to blare it to get my message across. But the majority of the time I immensely enjoy the privilege of being behind the wheel. But today I fell victim to knowing better but not doing better. I cast myself with the folks who do crazy stunts on the road. Those who grace the look of shame and advert eye contact because they feel humiliated by their bad moves. I…Shani Anona…was driving while impatient.

Funny thing is that I really didn’t notice that I was stressing to get across town. I wasn’t late on my travel to work but was behind schedule which would have allowed me that carefree feeling of driving from home to work. Alicia Keys was singing my favorite song from her new album, “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)” and traffic was moving. It wasn’t until I hit that intersection for a left turn with busy oncoming traffic did I realize I was behind a timid driver. I tried to be patient although I noticed many opportunities where this person would’ve safely turned. Or more realistically, those were ops where I would have turned. I heard the taxi behind me beeping his horn and others joined in unison which caused more tension, this person wasn’t moving until they were ready. When he finally inched out but missed another turn the taxi behind me made the left turn and deserted us in the middle of the intersection. So I hastily tried to follow this cab driver’s lead and there it was…another car coming forward!

God protected me y’all. I instinctively jammed on my brakes and turned my steering wheel so I wasn’t blocking the path. I felt the donkey ears dusting my shoulder as I went around that car and made my left turn. I felt like the hat on my head read dunce for my ridiculous actions and in-consideration. I suddenly heard my best friend’s comment about my aggressive driving. At the time my blood boiled when I thought she was criticizing my techniques but her message was clear which was for me to calm down. She was right! I accept the lesson this provided me which is why I want to share it you, my readers. Always drive patiently. By doing the opposite it’s just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. It impairs your judgment and the results can be disastrous. If you’re late going somewhere…you are late! If a person is driving too slow…let them! You don’t know what’s going on with that driver and cannot predict their actions!