When Beauty Is Painful

24 01 2010

I remember many moons ago when I worked with children, I wore these really cute sandals one day to compliment my outfit. Now I knew this wasn’t a smart decision to wear uncomfortable shoes because with children you’re always on your feet but I adored the rave reviews I received from my co-workers so it balanced out. By the end of my day, I could barely move because my feet were extremely swollen and it was so painful to walk. I embraced it and took my bus ride home…practically begging for a seat and when I finally got one, it offered temporary relief. When my stop came and I stood up, my feet were numb and I could barely move. I slowly walked home and winced with each painful baby-step. I watched people as they walked pass me but I couldn’t move too fast from the menacing pain. I wanted to take off my sandals but was afraid to walk barefoot on the ground. By the time I reached my building I had enough and removed them but it didn’t offer any relief. My feet were swollen, blistered, and cut in fragile places; most of all, I couldn’t walk as a result. Of course the next day I couldn’t stand so I had to call out. I vividly recall what the principal said when I called in, “Shani, beauty is painful.” Back then I never really grasped that concept because it was a rare occasion that I would allow my vanity to override my comfort. Today, I fully understand the meaning of her statement. With so many celebrities going under the knife or conducting some sort of cosmetic surgery for the sake of their beauty, my principal’s words hold validity.

Heidi Montag is the latest celebrity to go public with her painful beauty journey…again! On her first trip many critics praised Heidi’s new look and actually said she looked better. According to them, her nose was perfected and buxom was added to her boobage. What ever happened to using make up to enhance features and where is the Wonder Bra for that extra boost to the cleavage?

Now on her encore round of surgeries, many critics are insisting that Heidi has become a cosmetic surgeon’s dream…someone who enjoys wasting money to have countless tweakings. And in my opinion, this blasphemy is totally unnecessary! What’s incredibly sad is how deluded Heidi is about her spirituality on reversing her looks which inevitably makes her seem older than 23 years. And the stress she puts her body through to look what she thinks is beautiful…is just sickening. Again another celebrity is sending a self-defecating message to younger legions of fans that they can alter what they think are imperfections. Let’s also remind them about the people who lost their lives to look beautiful and the pain that their families felt when those changes were final.




One response

22 03 2013

Great article. It seems that the reason we engage in painful beauty practices is to gain success, which for women, more often then not, tends to be linked with finding a rich, desirable man. I like that your article also highlights that we do it for women too, for the social prestige I guess? And we all do this, to some extent of another. When we define success a different way, not just as being desirable to men or others, then we will be freed from these kinds of painful beauty habits.

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