Can Lee Daniels Direct Another Oscar Home Run?

10 01 2010

Do you remember the day Halle Berry made history and became the first African-American woman to win an Oscar for the Best Actress in a leading role? I vividly recall her tearful speech from the 74th Academy Awards back in 2002. It was a heartfelt experience watching the strikingly beautiful Halle lose her calm composure and express her shock of winning for her gritty role in Monster’s Ball. Back then, I had mixed emotions about Halle’s outstanding achievement; On one hand, I was extremely proud of her but on the other disappointed that Halle had to remove her clothing to get the award. Today my opinion has drastically changed about her win. Halle received that accolade because she convincingly portrayed a person that was totally out of her character…a woman desperately seeking to feel good because the world was crumbling around her.

Well the nominations are out for the 82nd Academy Awards and Lee Daniels direction has brought two more talented actresses to the forefront. Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe is up for Best Actress in a lead and Mo’Nique is following with Best Supporting. Gabby poignantly displayed that a rose can grow through concrete and Mo’Nique made ugliness look good! This year I will be watching the Oscars not just for the fashion but because I’m rooting for both of these women to win for their commendable work in Precious. I would like to watch Mo’ make a graceful speech as large tears stream down her face without smearing her make up. And although Gabby is up against one of my all time favorite actresses, Meryl Streep, I still think she’s going to pull a Jennifer Hudson! Stay tuned to see if I’m correct on March 7th 2010.




2 responses

8 02 2010
Get Togetha

I’d love for Gabourney, Monique and Daniels to cop an Oscar; but it is clearly Monique’s year. Gabourney did a hell of a job for someone who’s never been on the silver screen but I’m not sure if she’ll garner enough votes to take home the big win.

For Lee Daniels this is only the beginning…I believe his next project is called “Selma”…

8 02 2010

I agree, I feel Mo’Nique will be a winner and I’m still crossing my fingers for Gabby! If Jennifer Hudson blew us all away…that wind can come again! Still in all, just the nomination alone is a high honor!

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