Untamed Waves of Unemployment

20 12 2009

photo by anthony goto on Flickr

Anyone who personally knows me can attest that I’m relatively an optimistic person and try to find the brightness in a gloomy day. But lately I haven’t been seeing life through my rose-colored lenses. I wouldn’t be honest with my readers if I said that surfing the untamed waves of unemployment has been easy; its been quite the opposite, extremely hard and even depressing. Its been close to a year and I’ve been on countless interviews; too many to even provide an accurate count. I’ve grown accustomed to the basic intro questions that most if not all employers tend to ask, “So what made you apply with us?” Ahh…I need a job and benefits please! I’ve developed a great sales pitch and learned to sell my skills with so much fervor that I’ve been frequently asked, “Wow, you did so much for them, why did they let you go?” Ahh…cause no one is expendable! I’ve learned to interpret body language from the firmness of an introductory handshake to the uncomfortable nods during the spiel of a resume. Always gracious even when it shouldn’t be displayed, I’m thankful for all the opportunities bestowed. And I’m so appreciative when I get a follow-up whether it’s welcoming me to a second phase or acknowledging me for my interests. So although I’m thoroughly seasoned and have learned to score interviews during this recession, I have yet been assigned.

If you’ve been on the same boat as me and it feels like it’s a never-ending sail, my advice is to try to hold on although things look bleak. If you’re spiritual, pray; it always gives me release when I cast my burdens unto God. Keep reminding yourself about of all the blessings that you currently have. I’ve heard some complain about those weekly unemployment benefits but they truly are blessings! Give yourself a break from the job-search grind but don’t give up, keep applying and going on those screenings; the right one will present itself soon.




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