Has Project Runway Runs Its Course?

12 12 2009

Project Runway‘s new advertisement caught my attention instantly with the backdrop of glittering lights that NYC is renowned for. The new season’s punchline is returning back to its roots in New York, NY! Whoa…did I miss a full season already? As a PR enthusiast, I was completely disheartened when Bravo lost the battle with Lifetime over one of my most coveted shows. Let me be honest…when I think of Lifetime, I think of those mommy movies with commercials, not a hot fashion exhibition! I still gave it a look-see once…maybe twice and it immediately lost my attention. Dare I admit…Bravo’s Housewives of Atlanta took over my Thursday 10pm slot! So this caused me to wonder…has Project Runway run its course? Many reality shows have shelf-lives of about 3 seasons and after that, it would take something monumental to grasp my interests and something else to sustain it. For instance, I was completely devoted to Tyra & America’s Next Top Model when it first appeared and I was so excited when Eva-the-Diva won!. After that, I didn’t even tune in for the finales let alone the antics of Janice Dickerson. Which season did she get booted off again? But Project Runway was different and had my attention throughout all of its years on Bravo…I just didn’t care for its new home on Lifetime. To me they took a hot show and made it lukewarm. I heard that the show’s viewership was at a devastating low which is a strong indication that it’s headed towards the end. Will returning to New York be the necessary change that can accelerate it’s poor ratings? Only time will tell. I will be checking it out on January 14, 2010 at 10pm.




One response

14 12 2009

Whoa…. they’ve wasted no time to redeem themselves with this series. Last season was a big disappointment.. so much so that I took it off my record schedule on my DVR. But I’m not ready to give up on one of my fav shows yet. I’m happy that they are returning to NY! It’s an exciting city known for productivity and creativity.. its where the magic is….. I’ll be tuning in on Jan 14, and I ‘m actually a bit excited… we’ll see what happens….

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