Good Hair, Did Chris Rock It???

22 10 2009

Chris Rock

Okay, this is my third post and the last time I’m revisiting Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair.  And after all the talk shows visits and my friends’ recommendations, I was hyped to see what Chris had unleashed about our haircare. I have to admit that I was NOT astounded.  In fact, I was very disappointment with his edutainment about African American rituals. You may find this to be shocking but hear me out first! Here are the pros: Yes, it was informative when he did the scientific experiment with sodium hydroxide (but on the real, anyone who perms their hair already knows about scalp burn and has experienced it at least once); Uncovering children getting perms at extremely tender ages was just sickening, (And it makes me appreciate my momma putting her foot down and making me wait until I was 12); The Asian connection in supply/demand for our products was an eye opener, (Come to think about it, I’ve seen them running most of the beauty supply stores in my neighborhood). Now the cons: Chris basically tapped on the perms and the weave industries; he didn’t represent for the natural sisters, (Having a few celebrities with their natural hair would have broaden the topic…would’ve loved to hear from Michaela angela Davis, Janelle Monae or Solange to name a few); Visiting all types of salons (Let’s face it, many of us visit both the Dominicans and upscale salons); And what the heck does the bedroom scene has to do with hair??? (Okay, maybe a little, Nia Long is on top…Wow! But going into the inappropriate made Chris lose viewers especially those who were the stem of this documentary…the youths). So these are my thoughts let me know what you think!




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22 10 2009

Awww Sorry you didn’t love it girl. I guess it’s like when you read the paper and a movie gets a horrible review and low star rating and you go see it and love it LOL ! I guess it was one of those , I still loved it and would buy the dvd : )

22 10 2009

I was actually waiting to hear your review on this movie and I’m disappointed to hear it didn’t live up to your expectations. I so thought the movie would have at least touched on the history of black women and their obsession with their hair, styling it and the texture of it. The fact that natural hair was not brought up at all does not make any sense, especially if the topic is “good hair”. I’ll wait for the dvd.

3 11 2009

Thanks for your comment Nichelle! I’m not one to mask my feelings especially when I’m disappointed with something or someone! I guess I had high expectations since we (as people) rarely discuss our hair. I just felt like Chris missed many marks in showing the beauty in black hair. But was I really expecting to receive a broad view from a raunchy comedian? LOL.

24 10 2009
1cent putting in her 2cents

To begin- compliments on the title. “Good Hair, Did Chris Rock It?” cute :0)

As for the movie, I wouldn’t call it a documentary because I didn’t learn anything enlightening. GOOD HAIR is HEALTHY HAIR and I did not see any examples of that. His movie focused more on how much women spend on weaves, where the hair is exported from, who is exploting it and an over the top hair show. There were some funny moments (especially Nia Long LOL) which were expected because of Chris Rock’s comedic chops.

I was truly not estatic to see the movie or disappointed when it didn’t move me. I did not expect Chris to give me any revelations about the history or the care of Black Women’s hair. Basically, I did not look for him to “edutain” me. Now if the lovely ladies who authored “Hair Story- Untangling of Black roots in America” created a documentary I would definitely be intrigued.

Chris Rock said he wanted to educate his daughters about Good Hair and for their benefit; I hope he uses the book that I mentioned or something else informative to have a teachable moment and not his movie.

3 11 2009

1 Cent, first I would like to thank you for the compliment on the title that made my day! Totally agreeing that “good hair” is healthy hair and it really wasn’t conveyed in Chris’s flick. I like how you put it that you weren’t ecstatic to see the movie or disappointed when it didn’t move you. That sums it up clearly. Hair story is a good find for those who are looking to learn about black hair. Appreciated your 2 cents!

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