Good Hair, Did Chris Rock It???

22 10 2009

Chris Rock

Okay, this is my third post and the last time I’m revisiting Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair.  And after all the talk shows visits and my friends’ recommendations, I was hyped to see what Chris had unleashed about our haircare. I have to admit that I was NOT astounded.  In fact, I was very disappointment with his edutainment about African American rituals. You may find this to be shocking but hear me out first! Here are the pros: Yes, it was informative when he did the scientific experiment with sodium hydroxide (but on the real, anyone who perms their hair already knows about scalp burn and has experienced it at least once); Uncovering children getting perms at extremely tender ages was just sickening, (And it makes me appreciate my momma putting her foot down and making me wait until I was 12); The Asian connection in supply/demand for our products was an eye opener, (Come to think about it, I’ve seen them running most of the beauty supply stores in my neighborhood). Now the cons: Chris basically tapped on the perms and the weave industries; he didn’t represent for the natural sisters, (Having a few celebrities with their natural hair would have broaden the topic…would’ve loved to hear from Michaela angela Davis, Janelle Monae or Solange to name a few); Visiting all types of salons (Let’s face it, many of us visit both the Dominicans and upscale salons); And what the heck does the bedroom scene has to do with hair??? (Okay, maybe a little, Nia Long is on top…Wow! But going into the inappropriate made Chris lose viewers especially those who were the stem of this documentary…the youths). So these are my thoughts let me know what you think!


A Poetic Thought With Chantel A. Jonson

8 10 2009

Chantel A. Jonson is a gifted writer of poetry and I was given the glorious opportunity to review her second work of art, Thoughts, Desires, Passions: A Collection of Poetry. I found her poems addressed realistic issues with a graceful candidness that makes you feel as if you are having a conversation with a trusted friend. Chantel has a way with words and I discovered my reflections in many of her pieces. Always thought-provoking, her poems resonates honesty which spoke volumes to me and made me linger for more. Here is my favorite:

In Those Quiet Moments

In those quiet moments

When you trace my lips with a curious index finger

My heart raps against my chest

The haze of passion inebriates us both

Too strong, too weak, too conscious, too dazed

A caress, a tiny breath escapes

An embrace, a desperate plea for comfort

Trust, curiosity, confession, as barriers are strained

Reckless release of inhibitions and adventure unfolds

To love, to lust, to care, to bond, to desire

Emotionally naked in the eyes of this lover

Soul exposed willingly giving its disclosure

Is this the memory we will have as the mark?

Will we stop here and wonder what should’ve been?

What could’ve been?

Regardless of what even the next second my hold

This moment is already sealed in time, in our hearts

Forever spoken in the voice of silence.

Excerpt from Thoughts, Desires, Passions: A Collection of Poetry by Chantel A. Jonson