Tyra, Keeping It Real?

9 09 2009

Did you see her? Well if you were like me, you’ve missed Tyra Banks debut her “real hair” on the September 8th Season 5 Premiere of her signature show. With a new time (at 4pm) and new channel (CW) this is going to happen regularly for me. BIG Oprah Winfrey fan here so you know where my dedication will be. No problem folks thanks to You Tube. To be honest, this snippet of her show was all I needed to see that Ms. Banks is keeping it real with us. It was actually refreshing to witness Tyra reverted back to her normal state minus the tracks, weaves, and wigs. I thought she looked great performing her famous strut and captivating the audience with a 360 degree view of her damp tresses. But for some reason, I feel this version of Tyra will not last too long. Think about it…Tyra has been rocking her hair accessorized for so long and being in front of a camera with an array of outfits, her hairstyle completed those looks; especially on America’s Next Top Model. I hope I’m wrong on this one because I would like to see her continue to dazzle us with new hairdos. Do you think she will continue to rock her real mane or will she be tracking back? Share your thoughts, I’m all ears!




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10 09 2009

I didnt get to see the Tyra show I missed it and since I was at work and dont have a dvr I too had to you tube it . She looked great and not bald headed as most ppl think when you often wear weaves they assume your bald ! !
Although I love the new Tyra with no weave , I still love the fabulosity of Trya’s big weave’s and extra glam and of course how she goes from being a carrot top to a blonde with each show ! I miss the old Tyra I hope that was just for the one episode !

11 09 2009


I definitely don’t think this will last long. I’m sure she will do it big for ANTM but on her signature show, she may possibly keep to her natural tresses. Only time will tell if my predictions are correct. Either way, I applaud her for making the change in a big way (good ratings for her show) and her courage to share the real Tyra with her viewers.

30 09 2009

I didn’t get to see the show either~in school, Thanx youtube! Tyra would be Tyra bald period. She is a beauty and a role model to us all. I knew Tyra was not bald not with all that money because the easiest thing to do with money is buy the proper haircare equipment & have the right people in place to take care of your tress. those in the modelling world actually use weaves & wigs to protect their hair from the harshness of lights, and any other thing done to make the hair for the shoot. Hell I would not want anyone putting all those chemicals, sprays and doing that teasing to my own hair. So yes Tyra is a beaut but I think she will go back & forth b/w her bought hair & the real deal.

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