Recession Doesn’t Equal Depression

24 09 2009
photo by jonbell has no h on flickr

photo by jonbell has no h on flickr

With my 9th, 10th, & 11th interviews approaching next week, I feel it’s time to reflect upon my travels on securing employment during the recession. First, I want to say that recession does NOT equal depression. No doubt it’s a challenge and at times it could make your future appear to be bleak but that’s not looking at things positively; (it’s looking through half-empty glasses). Look at the bright side, recession can change your life for the better. It can make you revisit your aspirations that were hidden behind career obligations. I rediscovered my passion for the written word, created 3 blogs, and I’m now looking forward to becoming a freelancer. So my recession has added to my skills by giving me the time to hone into my craft. It has also trained me into becoming a great interviewee; I’m not going to stop until I hear the magnificent words of YOU’RE HIRED. I’ve learned the art of selling myself which in turn has helped me with my writing; investigative reporting, here I come!

Throughout my journey I have hit a few speed bumps. I didn’t show enough enthusiasm on phone interview and didn’t get to the second round, I was corrected on my cover letter during a meeting, I even arrived at an appointment fifteen minutes late. OUCH! Believe me arriving tardy for the party was the ultimate blunder that I hope to never experience again. It really wasn’t my fault, I blame NYC traffic. Controlling it is a challenge for our Mayor. I left my house 1 1/2 hour early and still arrived late, (heard that Sex and the City was taping at the Plaza and traffic was backed on 5th, Lexington, & Park). I arrived frazzled and sweating; totally lost my cool, calm, and collectivity. After I explained my lateness to my interviewer with a twist of humor, I engaged him further with my charm. I had him laughing and smiling within seconds during our time together. In closing he told me he would get back to me the proceeding week. Did I get the job? Heck no! But I did receive a personal note from him and I realized that I would have been his first choice if I hadn’t come late. So I had to chuck that one up to experience. That position wasn’t for me. My grandmother used to say, “if something is for you, it cannot be un-for-you.” Her words hold validity to my situation. When the right position comes along, I will know because I will be hired!


Tyra, Keeping It Real?

9 09 2009

Did you see her? Well if you were like me, you’ve missed Tyra Banks debut her “real hair” on the September 8th Season 5 Premiere of her signature show. With a new time (at 4pm) and new channel (CW) this is going to happen regularly for me. BIG Oprah Winfrey fan here so you know where my dedication will be. No problem folks thanks to You Tube. To be honest, this snippet of her show was all I needed to see that Ms. Banks is keeping it real with us. It was actually refreshing to witness Tyra reverted back to her normal state minus the tracks, weaves, and wigs. I thought she looked great performing her famous strut and captivating the audience with a 360 degree view of her damp tresses. But for some reason, I feel this version of Tyra will not last too long. Think about it…Tyra has been rocking her hair accessorized for so long and being in front of a camera with an array of outfits, her hairstyle completed those looks; especially on America’s Next Top Model. I hope I’m wrong on this one because I would like to see her continue to dazzle us with new hairdos. Do you think she will continue to rock her real mane or will she be tracking back? Share your thoughts, I’m all ears!

Patience With Me

3 09 2009
Photo by leestababee on flickr

Photo by leestababee on flickr

With so many celebrity candles blown out way too soon, I am constantly reminded how precious life truly is. The invaluable lesson that these unfortunate occurrences has taught me is to have patience with myself. There are so many things that I want to accomplish but I’ve realized that it takes time to build greatness.  Weight loss is an important goal on my agenda, not just for the aesthetic beauty but for a healthier lifestyle. I desire to treat this body of mine like the temple it was created to be. Like the fabulous Ms. Sherri Shepherd, I’ve used my journey to educate and encourage others towards betterment. So it would be no sign of defeat if I admit to you, my valued viewers, that I fell off my regimen. For a month the only exercise that I seemed to perform outstandingly well was shoveling food down my throat. Yikes! Being a stress-eater has been a challenge for me and at times I have lost my bout. The great news is that I’ve returned to incorporating exercise in my daily regimen with that same determination that I had before…perhaps, even more! So if you have fallen off like me, don’t fret…Dust yourself off and keep it moving!