The New View of Sherri Shepherd

25 08 2009

Sherry Shepherd on The ViewI‘ll be the first to admit, that when Sherri Shepherd debuted her new and improved body on The View on August 6th, I immediately thought her body wasn’t proportioned and she should consider a breast reduction. Her bottom half had notably changed but her top remained the same size and made her look top heavy. I for one was very supportive and inspired by Sherri’s decision to display her weight-loss journey and bikini bod on the show. Girl has guts and I applaud her for it!

I couldn’t wait to pick up the OK Magazine featuring Sherri on the front cover. I desired to learn more about her story and life after size 16. Our girl chiseled down to a size 6. Awesome! Definitely wanted to hear her tips for those who want to decrease…yes please! As I stood on line at Target, a female customer ahead of me saw my anticipation to grab the magazine. She leaned over to me and snickered, “She’s a size 6. Do you believe that? Yeah, and I’m a size 4.” In my total chrissy moment I asked, “Are you a size 4?” The lady took her change from the cashier and responded, “No, I’m not. And she’s no 6 either. I don’t believe it.” After she left with her groceries, the cashier also added his opinion that mirrored hers about his disbelief in Sherri’s new size. Right away, their comments made me rethink my own judgments on Sherri’s body. Our thoughts were merely speculations about her situation and bares absolutely no merit.

When I read the article Sherri’s Hot New Shape, by Shauna Bass, I was further convinced that I was in the wrong. She asked Sherri the question that was on my mind as well as many others about having her breasts reduced. It was Sherri’s response to that inquiry that left me in reverence, “I don’t understand what everyone’s obsession is with me getting a boob job! God gave these to me and I love my boobs. I wish they were bigger!” She is basically loving herself unconditionally. Sherri Shepherd, I stand corrected!




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25 08 2009
Saundra E. Harris aka SassyScribe

Hell no she ain’t no size 6…listen when will us big girls realize that we are not meant to be but so small…trust me I know…I went from a size 16 to a 10… and I am back in a 16…dieting is for the birds. I applaud Sherri for her new figure but a 6 she is not…I’ll say she looks like a size 12, 10 at the least…but her top half is still that of a 16…I don’t blame her for loving her boobs…but as much as I like Sherri, I don’t believe everything I read and I know how magazines air brush the hell outta folks, so congrats on the weightloss Sherri, just don’t get caught up like Star and lie about how it happened.

25 08 2009

Saundra, you ain’t buying the size 6 huh! LOL. You do make valid points about not believing everything you read and the airbrushing magazines do to make a sale. Thanks for your candid response!

25 08 2009
1cent putting in her 2cents

I can believe that she wears a size 6. People mostly always zoom in on what is big or what they THINK is wrong on a person. Yes, she is top heavy but on her lower half, she doesn’t have hips or a butt and her legs are slim. If Sherri can tell her other DETAILED initimate moments about her failed marriage, family background and special needs child she sure is not going to keep her weight/size a secret. And she is never ashamed to show you that a sister likes to eat. LOL Kudos to Sherri!!! She is silly but I love her for being herself.

P.S. But I was disappointed about the way The VIew showcased her letting off the veil of her bathing suit body. When I watched it- the lights were dimmer where she was standing, the cameras either span away or show an overhead shot. It was never a close up. Maybe that way, made it more flattering- I don’t know.

25 08 2009

1cent, you also make a concrete point about Sherri’s openness with the viewers. She did put it out there from the bikini waxing, exercising, trying on bathing suits and all. Her hopes was not only to educate but entertain us…kinda like me! LOL. Good points, good thoughts, thanks for the sharing!

25 08 2009

i didnt see the show so i cant say how she looks but from this picture she dont look like a 6 and to go from a 16 to a 6 is to loose a lot and sure your right that her body looks disproportion, if she is indeed a size 6 but a DD or bigger up top… i would applaud any woman or man for the goal of weight lose but why do all these women go so small… i mean we talk about self love and loving our curves. yet a woman that is a size 12 will shrink to a size 4 whats so unhealthy about being a size 12… and most of these celebs that are over like a 16+ and go so small end up yo-yoing and eng up back about a 8 or 12 anyway.. i am a 16-18 and would KILL to be a 12… im not knocking anyones decision to go SMALL but hey if we are talking about SELF LOVE then lets be honest about why someone whose BODY proportions are MED build would SHRINK to a SMALL woman’s build…. thats all im saying…
im with Monique and Queen Latifah lets be HEALTHY what ever size we are.. and if you do lose weight do it for YOURSELF not for the media…

25 08 2009

Sheri is a small person to begin with, she is 5′ nothing so if she says she is a six and is happy I’ll go with it. She doesn’t have hips or a booty so she very well could be a six! I am very hippy & have a booty but I can wear some 8s depending on teh design & cut of the pants. I can also wear from a 10 to a 12 on bottom but I am no Sherri on top! I am a size 6 on top I wear 34A, if I buy a dress it fits on top not the bottom. I say all this to say who are we to judge what is right or not! If Sherri likes it, I love it! Kudos to if she is doing it for self-love! If not I hope she has a support system in place to keep her strong and happy!
Squishes & Kisses Sha!!

25 08 2009

You do and say what makes you happy. Apparently she is happy with her “Self” and you all are so right, that matters. If she says she is a 6, there it is. However, that swimsuit is just not flattering on her. A tankini could of worked or even a swimsuit that gathered/pulled/ruffled in her mid section vs. the top 1/2 and it’s square neck. I don’t know who told her to put on that old school Speedo/lifeguard swim suit. I think she could of even rocked a swimsuit low-cut in the front because it is evident that she has the Ta-Ta’s! But like we are all saying, let her be happy with “Self!”

26 08 2009


I agree with about bathing suit, it really wasn’t flattering and as 1cent noted too, the lighting was horrible on her. A two piece would be beneficial to Sherri since her top is more endowed than her lower half. She has the Ta-Ta’s…I love that! LOL. Appreciate your thoughts!

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