Dust It Off

18 08 2009
KatherineKenny on flickr

KatherineKenny on flickr

There are so many things in my life that I allowed to slip. A few I have mentioned in earlier posts and let’s just say, it’s a work in progress. But just recently, I looked around my apartment and realized so many unwanted things that I’ve accumulated over the years. I’m not afraid to admit that I have some pack-rat tendencies which unfortunately is hereditary for many of the women in my family; excluding my mother who it seemed to skip over. But like my fore-mother, I keep everything even if it doesn’t really have value to me. So I have decided to trim off all the unnecessary items and dust off the valuables.

The first item that I dusted the cobwebs off of was my exercise bike which has been a sturdy clothing rack for me. I had my exercise gear covering the handles and books stacked up high on the seat; my bike was barely recognizable in my bedroom. Jeez! My weights were buried on the ground underneath piles of magazines. Having too many subscriptions is my guilty pleasure; I’m hardly able to read all my mags even if its pertaining to what I love most…Fashion & Beauty!

Put my shredder to good use and went through all my old bills and solicitations. This is a ritual that should be practiced weekly because its a reoccurring process and could mount up fast. Broke out the pledge and shined my dusty bookshelves, desk, and dresser. Since I have seasonal allergies, this is a must! It helps to reduce the allergy symptoms. Busted out the broom and mopped the heck out of my floors. Seeing that gleam made me feel refreshed. Got my apartment back in good shape and felt good about this achievement. Let me not forget to mention how cleaning is manual labor and yes it gave my muscles a workout for sure! Cleanliness is next to Godliness.




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25 08 2009

Same thing here with my treadmill, hardly remember it’s there! And…keeping things I have no use for I’m guilty of as well. I do, however, find it so easy to go through my kid’s stuff and trash most of it. Why can’t I do that with my own ‘trash’?! Go figure…

26 08 2009

Joy, its always easier to go through other people’s things but when it comes to our own, its definitely hard to part. So I’m feeling you on that one. I’ve actually forced myself to be more organized in my household as what I do in the office. This way, I can always find things with ease and I don’t need to go pushing things underneath the rug when I have visitors to my home. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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