The New View of Sherri Shepherd

25 08 2009

Sherry Shepherd on The ViewI‘ll be the first to admit, that when Sherri Shepherd debuted her new and improved body on The View on August 6th, I immediately thought her body wasn’t proportioned and she should consider a breast reduction. Her bottom half had notably changed but her top remained the same size and made her look top heavy. I for one was very supportive and inspired by Sherri’s decision to display her weight-loss journey and bikini bod on the show. Girl has guts and I applaud her for it!

I couldn’t wait to pick up the OK Magazine featuring Sherri on the front cover. I desired to learn more about her story and life after size 16. Our girl chiseled down to a size 6. Awesome! Definitely wanted to hear her tips for those who want to decrease…yes please! As I stood on line at Target, a female customer ahead of me saw my anticipation to grab the magazine. She leaned over to me and snickered, “She’s a size 6. Do you believe that? Yeah, and I’m a size 4.” In my total chrissy moment I asked, “Are you a size 4?” The lady took her change from the cashier and responded, “No, I’m not. And she’s no 6 either. I don’t believe it.” After she left with her groceries, the cashier also added his opinion that mirrored hers about his disbelief in Sherri’s new size. Right away, their comments made me rethink my own judgments on Sherri’s body. Our thoughts were merely speculations about her situation and bares absolutely no merit.

When I read the article Sherri’s Hot New Shape, by Shauna Bass, I was further convinced that I was in the wrong. She asked Sherri the question that was on my mind as well as many others about having her breasts reduced. It was Sherri’s response to that inquiry that left me in reverence, “I don’t understand what everyone’s obsession is with me getting a boob job! God gave these to me and I love my boobs. I wish they were bigger!” She is basically loving herself unconditionally. Sherri Shepherd, I stand corrected!


Thick Skinned

22 08 2009

solangeI was repeatedly warned by my You Tube goddesses. Their messages were clear for me to grow thick skin when I decided to cut my hair off. Well I’m here to report that they were absolutely correct. I’ve read so many scathing comments about Solange Knowles regarding her recent big chop and it’s disheartening to witness people (black folks in particular) pass judgment on her. She is clearly a beautiful woman. I’ve gotten the same negative feedback about returning to my roots, mostly from my male counterparts; my brothers. I’ve closed my eyes to the sneers, ignored the jeers, and refused to explain my decision of cutting the relaxer out my hair. It’s darn right shameful that the conception of beauty for many black people is for a woman to have long, straight tresses. It’s so narrow-minded. Beauty comes in various forms from the texture of your hair (natural or straightened) to the shape of your body (thin or thick); we are all created in God’s likeness. Our loveliness is limitless.

eduarte24 on flickr

eduarte24 on flickr

Back in the early 70’s, it was clearly an empowering movement for black men and women to sport afros in conjunction with celebrating their black pride. James Brown resonating song, “Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud” was the anthem about our racial equality. Afro picks with the black fist were a hot commodity; a definite keepsake if you could find one nowadays. So I’m naturally embracing my culture and the beauty of my hair. I stumbled across numerous pictures of my beautiful mother modeling her afro in various stages of her life. I feel so honored to be part of her and realized that I’m now emulating her looks from her earlier years. I even found some photos of myself with my afro puffs…rocking! I can tell she’s proud of my choices and her warmed-hearted compliments are dear to my heart. Her approval is the only one that matters to me. The naysayers can step to the left.

Me & Mom

Dust It Off

18 08 2009
KatherineKenny on flickr

KatherineKenny on flickr

There are so many things in my life that I allowed to slip. A few I have mentioned in earlier posts and let’s just say, it’s a work in progress. But just recently, I looked around my apartment and realized so many unwanted things that I’ve accumulated over the years. I’m not afraid to admit that I have some pack-rat tendencies which unfortunately is hereditary for many of the women in my family; excluding my mother who it seemed to skip over. But like my fore-mother, I keep everything even if it doesn’t really have value to me. So I have decided to trim off all the unnecessary items and dust off the valuables.

The first item that I dusted the cobwebs off of was my exercise bike which has been a sturdy clothing rack for me. I had my exercise gear covering the handles and books stacked up high on the seat; my bike was barely recognizable in my bedroom. Jeez! My weights were buried on the ground underneath piles of magazines. Having too many subscriptions is my guilty pleasure; I’m hardly able to read all my mags even if its pertaining to what I love most…Fashion & Beauty!

Put my shredder to good use and went through all my old bills and solicitations. This is a ritual that should be practiced weekly because its a reoccurring process and could mount up fast. Broke out the pledge and shined my dusty bookshelves, desk, and dresser. Since I have seasonal allergies, this is a must! It helps to reduce the allergy symptoms. Busted out the broom and mopped the heck out of my floors. Seeing that gleam made me feel refreshed. Got my apartment back in good shape and felt good about this achievement. Let me not forget to mention how cleaning is manual labor and yes it gave my muscles a workout for sure! Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Chris Rock’s Good Hair

2 08 2009

I don’t know about you but I’m completely excited and can’t wait to see Chris Rock’s comical but yet informative documentary Good Hair. The idea stemmed from when one of his daughters asked the puzzling question why she didn’t have good hair. This quandary brought me back to my own childhood when I loathed the process of getting my hair washed and styled. I was tortured every other week when my mama came into the bathroom with the pot to wash my hair in the tub. Then I was further punished when she had to style it after it was washed. My mama broke so many combs in my head which was when I longed for the relaxed tresses otherwise known today as “the creamy crack.” Its taken me over 20 years to appreciate the thickness and strength of my hair; I celebrate it’s beauty everyday when sporting my TWA. Looking forward to being enlightened and entertained with Chris Rock’s inquiry with black women about their hair on October 23rd 9th.

My Beauty Finds

1 08 2009

Since my big chop back in May, 2009, I’ve encountered mixed reviews. Many people were pleasantly surprised and offered pleasing comments; others were not so gracious and plainly stated their dislikes. Luckily, my research had prepared me for all the naysayers and I knew exactly what to expect.  Each day I made sure to wear my armor to embrace their offensiveness with a smile no doubt. I’m still loving and rocking my TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro) and I’m beautiful nonetheless.


With my brand-new look and attitude, I been enjoying every part of my exploration and my most recent find is with makeup. For many years, I never wore makeup; a little lip gloss was my daily staple and took me a long way. Now that my hair is short, my features are more pronounced and I’ve learned to accentuate them with the addition of cosmetics. A girlfriend introduced me to a few beauty items that instantly became favorites.


I’ve been using bareMinerals Get Started Kit by a company named Bare Escentuals. What I love about this product is that its comes with a tutorial DVD and all the equipment needed to perfect your application. It leaves my skin smooth without that heavy plastered feeling that comes from traditional foundation. I’ve also been enjoying Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara which produces luscious lashes and has touches of olive oil which is another benefit.  Can’t go without my M.A.C. Chestnut Lip Pencil which I can use with various colors of lip glosses or wear alone. I’ve been using this particular color for many years and I found my make up isn’t complete without it.  Lastly, I’m in love with Rosebud Salve which I never leave my house without. It leaves my lips feeling fully moisturized and could also be used for skin irritation as well. All my beauty finds adds radiance to my face that makes me camera ready. Since I’m quickly becoming a product junky, please share your beauty products and/or tips.

Shani Anona