Remember The Time

26 06 2009

It happened on June 25, 2009 when our world forever changed. We lost a great talent to the music community; our King of Pop, Michael Jackson. I was stunned by the news because I was already saddened with the death of a Charlie’s Angel, Ms. Farrah Fawcett. I was praying for it to have been a nasty rumor which unfortunately happens to stars but when CNN confirmed it, I was convinced. I turned to Facebook and Twitter which was flooded with reflections of Michael. Someone brought me way back with posting his video with Paul McCartney “Say, Say, Say.” What was such a comfort was to see everyone had a favorite song or video to share about Michael. His music has unified people and touched all of our hearts.

My Michael Jackson obsession began back in the 80’s although he was around way before then. I was in love with him. I had Michael Jackson folders for school, his doll, a glove just to name a few. My cousin relentlessly teased me because I wasn’t into rap back then and only favored Michael Jackson’s pop music. Some of my favorite songs were Billy Jean and Beat It (had the piano shirt just like the one he wore in the video). Michael was a trendsetter; he made clothes, dance moves, and even Pepsi popular. His trademarks was his moonwalk, glitter glove, and those white socks. Countless people were slaves to his fashion no matter how ridiculous they looked, no one could tell them they weren’t “Bad.” I especially loved his perfect smile (my years of wearing braces makes me appreciate pearly whites).


Although he was with us briefly, in his 50 years Michael Jackson has left a large legacy behind. His legendary voice will continue to captivate us in his music and his movements will be imitated by many flattered artists. Michael Jackson, we will always remember the time.

photo by strangerinitaly on flickr

photo by strangerinitaly on flickr




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