Jada Pinkett Smith & Hawthorne

17 06 2009

I don’t know about you but I was excited to see Jada Pinkett Smith return to the small screen. Her face was the headlining appeal that sweetened the deal for yet another hospital drama. Its been awhile since I seen Mrs. Smith although she was around and starred in movies Reign Over Me (2007) as Don Cheadle’s wife and The Women (2008) as an unconvincing lesbian. Both roles weren’t groundbreaking and if you blinked or even worse fell asleep like I did, you missed her performance.

TNT debuted Hawthorne on June 16th at 9pm (EST) and it posed a slight difference from its competitors with showcasing from a nurse’s perspective of handling traumas instead of the Md’s. From the first 5 minutes, Jada’s character was cast into immediate drama when one of her patients jumped off the roof after she called his bluff. She also struggled to retrieve his name on the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) listing and he was resuscitated; Do I hear a lawsuit? To put a cherry on top of it all, her character was arrested and I actually laughed when she screamed that she worked there. The conflicts were lukewarm and the drama level was low. On the upside, I could forecast that Jada and Michael Vartan’s characters will eventually have an affair because their connection is evident. And adding Alicia Keys music to the background was also a pleasant touch.

It was a world wind of events but it has yet to astound me.  Because it’s Jada, I will return next week to give it another assessment before I rid it as a waste. For now, I’ll be at Showtime watching Edie Falco’s Nurse Jackie.




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17 06 2009

Thanks for the details I actually forgot about it coming on and didnt remember until i read your blog. I will make sure to watch the repeat this wknd, I want to support Jada so even if its wack I guess i will put it on while i play online 🙂
I do love Nurse Jackie now that’s a good nurse show what a great look for Edie Falco !

17 06 2009

Yes, I agree and I’m hooked on Nurse Jackie. Showtime is doing their thing with their shows and I’m an avid viewer. As for Hawthorne, it was okay; not good and not bad. I’m tuning in next week to see if it picks up.

20 06 2009
Shoe Shopper

I’m an E.R. junkie, with that said, HawthoRNe was exactly what I needed. Nurse Jackie was way too dark and eerie for me. A little touch of reality with minimal drama/anticipation is more my speed. Besides any Mother who would send their daughter to detention after calling her a “bullshit con-artist”, has my vote for Mother of the YEAR!!! I’m sure all the dirty detail will come later.. I will be back because it made my heart feel good.

20 06 2009

Hey Shoe Shopper, thanks for your comment. I’m going to admit this and it may shock you but I’ve never seen E.R…..Crazy, I know. So I wouldn’t be able to cross reference it with Hawthorne but I appreciate that you did. Since I’m not familiar with TNT either, I was shocked that she did curse and it was well warranted. LOL. Glad, you enjoyed it! I haven’t thrown in my gloves on Hawthorne yet…I will be tuning in next week for it. But if it doesn’t pick up, I won’t be returning.

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