Interview Jitters

10 06 2009

I pride myself for being a great oral & written communicator but when it comes to speaking with an interviewer and filling out a job application, I start mumbling and can barely keep my hands straight. It gets really bad; I sweat so much, it looks like I stole something and no one wants to approach an appointment without your cool or swagger demeanor. There were times that I missed out on the opportunity to look my interviewer in the eye and give a firm handshake. And we all know that’s a must!

lewis chaplin on flickr

lewis chaplin on flickr

So I’ve learned a few techniques that helped me out during my stressful highs that I would like to share with you. During my travels to appointments, I always listen to calming music while I review my notes. It serves two purposes; the music will soothe my temperament and it will also block out distracting noises so I can study. I also carry a water bottle. Nothing is better to quench your eager thirst than water and it will cool you down instantly. Always arrive early and in order to get to your destination painlessly, wear comfortable shoes. I always wear flats and carry my heels. I’ve never been that type of female who could rock those stilettos or pointy-toes without wincing with pain.

Chrissy Hunt on flickr

Chrissy Hunt on flickr

These small tidbits helps me to conquer my nervousness and I’m able to concentrate on my deliverance as a viable candidate. What are your rituals that help you conquer the interview jitters?




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22 06 2009
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24 06 2009

what I found worked for me the last couple of times – besides preparing by researching – was speaking with someone right b/4 the mtg and rehearsing possible q/a. It really helps if that person has a lot of faith in you b/c that positive vibe is transmitted to you. That helps yon go in w/ more confidence.

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