Back 2my Roots

31 05 2009
Nodlem on flickr

Nodlem on flickr

For some time now I’ve been contemplating on returning back to my natural hair. I’ve had a relaxer taming my mane for a large part of my life; actually since I was 12 years old. I remembered begging my mama to give me a relaxer so our hair ritual would be less torturous for me; mama was heavy-handed and I was tender-headed, a real oil & water combination. Dark & Lovely was my first relaxer and because it was no-lye based it didn’t achieve my coveted look of long straight locks. Second attempt, I got me a relaxer with lye and it was the beginning of my 24 year old addiction to the creamie crack (also considered, a relaxer).

I was able to create some wonderful looks with my processed hair. I was completely versatile with my hairdos and enjoyed every minute of it. I rocked my hair down my lower back and accepted it as a compliment when asked if it was a weave; sported it short or cropped four times and felt like a hair model on each experience; had it color-treated on five occasions and decided the reddish tones were the most befitting. But after years of processing my hair it eventually became unhealthy and started breaking. I had weak spots in noticeable areas and felt actually embarrassed at times to rock my favorite ponytail.

When I became unemployed, I gave myself a break from the relaxing and went three months without it. And to make an extremely long story- short, my hair textures fought against each other and were so difficult to maintain, I immediately relaxed it again. Surprisingly, relaxing it wasn’t much better; it was such an unpleasant experience that my virgin hair could barely take. That solidified my decision to transition to back 2my roots.

-shani anona




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