Follow Up on CW’s The Game

21 05 2009

Fans of CW’s The Game, I have some disappointing news to share. I heard last night that the show has been officially canceled. I cannot not mask the incredible sorrow I feel with losing a show that appealed to both male/female fans and opened the door to so many of our taboo subjects. In its 3 year run, The Game has entertained us with those perfectly timed sardonic snaps, cleared the communication on issues that didn’t have a voice, and stroked our hearts with the realistic trials of relationships. Oh and lets not forget the fierce fashions that the characters wore…each episode felt like a runway show. The Game you will be sorely missed but as a dedicated fan, I will continue to watch your reruns on BET.

A special thanks to all the fans that petitioned for the continuance of the show.

-shani anona

mrcl and his camera on flickr

mrcl and his camera on flickr




3 responses

21 05 2009

Wow that is beyond sad, Although I am new to the show I just started watching last season thanks to BET I am able to share the love that you have for the show. But it doesnt surprise me TV has no more African American programs and when we are on TV its a reality show. This is a problem that has been going on for many many yrs and until people start protesting, writing advertisers letters you will continue to see a void of shows like Girlfriends and The Game or even dramas like Soulfood and others ! SMH…

22 05 2009

Vedazzling its shameful but so true what you stated about not having enough shows about us and for us. Reality shows are not a good representation for our community. As always thanks for sharing your thoughts!

29 05 2009
1cent putting in her 2cents

Oh, what a sad day it was when I received the news! This was a show that was so entertaining- it had the right chemistry of actors and a lil something for everyone to enjoy. There was always a mix of drama and comic relief. The actresses definitely got the fashion buffs excited, and you can not forget the eye candy for the males and females, (Pooch Hall’s character, Derwin had me tuned in every week. LOL!

It is a shame what shows with a predominately Black cast have to go through to continue to be aired on a network that is ran by Whites. Sometimes our shows have internal problems with cast members such as The Cosby Show, Martin and Girlfriends and that often leads to their demise. But The Game was just getting started and doing very well in the playoffs but was not able to win in the finals. Pun intended! :[

Us fans, will always wonder about the tension between Janay, Melanie and Derwin and how will it affect their marriage. Would Drew Sidora return and create more havoc? How Tasha Mack’s ego was going to recover after getting knocked out by Kelly? If Jason will really move on with Stacey Dash’s character. And Malik, will he still be an insecure Mama’s boy? We will never know and that is disappointing!!

The sound of Ms. Pacman getting eaten by a ghost is playing through my head. Sanona, you are right, GAME OVER!!!

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