Recovering From A Heartbreak

18 05 2009
bored-now on flickr

bored-now on flickr

A unique pulsation is what your heart generates for this special person but their actions don’t mimic your own. That wound is so deep it feels like it was punctured with a razor-sharpened knife. Everyone has suffered from the calamities of a heartbreak. It’s human nature to experience loss in love. It’s simply an inevitable part of life. How you recoup from your tragedy is something that only you can control. For some, moving onto another person instead of fully recovering is the route that works best; Others take their time to stitch wounds and assess over the damage. I’ve been on both sides before and I’ve learned that its healthy to patiently grieve any loss.

It takes time to fall unconditionally in love with a person and its best to allow yourself the same duration if needed to fall out of love too. On my last breakup, I was totally devastated and broken; felt like I was the victim of a two car collision, (and you know that’s gotta hurt). That was how crucially painful our separation was to me. The great news is that I survived and I’m here to share how I managed it. With lots of prayer, a bountiful of tears and strong shoulders to lean upon, I was able to release the majority of my pain. After the hurt came my anger and I found that great music tamed my savage-beast. There’s a plethora of songs that focus on heartbreak to choose from which proves that distress is highly marketable. Sade is a favorite and can heal any wounded soul. Its a combination of her soothing voice, intuitive lyrics, coupled with the acoustic sound of her band that makes her music so enchanting to me. If you prefer a hip-hop vibe to groove with, Kanye West’s 808’s & Heartbreak fits the cause. From the first hit, “Love Lockdown” Kanye exhaled his pain and discovery in each one of his tracks; the auto-tune is an added bonus. Once the pain and anger subsided, I was able to rationally review my situation and learn its true lessons. That’s how I recovered from my heartbreak. How do you weather your storm?




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