A Woman & Her Shoes

13 05 2009

Did my cardio the other day when I revisited the mall with a friend. I’ve become a skillful sightseer and learned to look, not touch. Any shopaholic knows that is the ultimate challenge because the feel is what determines a sale or not. Since I’m familiar with my weaknesses (shoes and bags), I painstakingly tried not to get too close to things that caught my interests. So I strolled into Saks with confidence knowing that the prices alone would control my addiction. Broke my oath (or spell) when I stumbled across the shoe section and found these lovelies. The brand…Cole Haan, the name…Geneveive OT Air Pump, the color… copper! I was instantly smitten and immediately picked up the shoe. I noticed a few more things: Peep-toe to showcase polished nails; generously padded with the Nike Air pump which gives it extra support for walking; perfect heel which is not too high or low, I’m not a fan of stilts or stilettos. The shoe was also on sale which would make it a keeper except it wasn’t low enough for an unemployed sister to purchase. I’m still in love and I know that I will find these shoes again when the time is right.

Cole Haan Genevieve OT Air Pump




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