Bravo’s The Fashion Show, A Hit Or Miss?

7 05 2009

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The Fashion Show will premiere tonight at 10pm EST on Bravo and I must admit I’m having mixed feelings. We all heard that Project Runway has moved to Lifetime (Season 6 debuts on August 20th at 10pm EST) and I’m skeptical to see if Bravo could rebound from such a huge lost. The Fashion Show will feature 15 professional designers who will compete to have a clothing line developed and a hefty $125, 000 prize. Kelly Rowland will serve as a host (as opposed to Heidi Klum) but I really don’t view Kelly as a fashion-forward type of gal. To be honest, she’s basically known for her popularity as the third member of Destiny’s Child. Designer Isaac Mizarhi will also share hosting duties which marks another subtle change, (will he provide the snark that Michael Kors is loved for on PR?) Both will also perform judging duties alongside with Senior Vice President of IMG Fashion, Fern Mallis. The differences that this show offers is that the contestants will now face two challenges within each episode, (a Harper’s Bazaar mini challenge & the usual elimination round). So do you think this show will be a hit or miss?




2 responses

7 05 2009

I have mixed feelings like you it looks kinda dry from the commericals. We all know Kelly is unemployed after beind dropped from her record deal and being left for dead so I hope this show works for her but fashion I dont see it in her ? I dont understand why they didnt get a model, her hosting throws me off . Also the contestants prize package is nice but I think the Project runway contestants get the same package deal but more money as well as Notoriety. I will watch it to support Kelly and Isaac and Good Luck to them they have big shoes to fill 🙂

8 05 2009

Vedazzling, I’m totally appreciating your honest opinion. Well, the votes are in… The Fashion Show was stiff and dry. It had the usual suspects..the catty bitches (not always women) and the napoleon complexes (again, not always women) but none of it is making me long for the next episode. For Kelly’s sake, I will give it one more try but I’m not sure I’m going to be a dedicated fan.

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