A Diet or Lifestyle Change?

7 05 2009

On April 30th Kirstie Alley made some deep confessions on The Oprah Winfrey Show about her Jenny Craig spokesperson aftermath. She was in denial about her tremendous weight gain until that paparazzi photograph exposed her grim reality. Using her frank sense of humor, Kirstie sat and confided to Oprah, (and her millions of viewers) what her action plans were to banish those extra pounds. She unmasked her disappointment for losing a few rounds in the battle of the bulge. Kirstie was brave enough to admit the obvious but she doesn’t stand alone with yo-yo dieting. I myself have been there and have finally realized the difference between a diet and a lifestyle change.

All my life, I’ve struggled with fluctuating weights and self-esteem issues. I seriously wanted to be thin and tried everything from starving myself to the Atkins diet in order to shed my heaviness. Putting myself on rigorous diet & exercise regimens quickly shed those unwanted pounds and I kept it off for years. But I knew someday my stressful-eating habits would reappear again and throw me in a tailspin. And when it revisited, I felt like Cinderella when she lost her glass slipper; my glamorous physique disappeared and my weight ballooned back up.

photo by bartmaguire on flickr

photo by bartmaguire on flickr

Now in my adult years, I don’t want to subject myself to a restricting diet and excessive work-out schedule in order to lose weight. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in moderation and discipline but I know this is a journey not a destination. To me, dieting is a quick fix and doesn’t always give you lasting results. With time and commitment I will see the outcome that I have longed for. This is a personal lifestyle change which will forever alter my habits and lead towards my healthiness.

-shani anona




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8 05 2009

Only changing the way you think will get that wieght off. If you think a diet will help you loose wight you are sadly mistaken because a diet is what you consume on a daily basis. Once that is realized only then can you change your mindset & lifestyle so that what you do, exercise, eating the proper foods in the proper quantities will help you loose or maintain the wieght goals you wish to obtain. I say all this from experience, I have changed the way I perceive food and do different varieties of exercise as well as meditation for my mind, body & soul! Shani you know some of this do you believe it has worked for me?

12 05 2009

Alice, that meditation for the mind, body and soul sounds great. I think I’m going to give it a try and add it to my daily routine. Thanks for the tip.

13 05 2009

I missed the episoded but heard so much about it. I truly do believe you must change the way you think and view food and it will slowly happen. It saddens me because I see our obese teenagers especially females just eating junk food all day and I tell them to watch what they eat but of course they pay me no mind. This is a truly a challenge but I myself have came to accept myself cause I believe you must love yourself enough to change what you dont like about yourself. I love myself enough to view my body as a temple and do right by it!

13 05 2009

Rasheddagirl, you are right in trying to educate teens about obesity which is usually the time when bad habits starts. Hopefully, they will absorb your warnings and take heed. I also agree with treating the body as a temple. Its taken me this long in my journey to truly understand the meaning of that. Taking care of your body is a big part but it also has to do with the mind and soul as well. Thanks for sharing.

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