Confession of a Tamed Shopaholic

27 04 2009

Visited an old friend yesterday and it was so refreshing. Its been awhile since we’ve seen each other; we’ve been distant ever since my unemployment. We spent about an hour to reacquaint ourselves but I’ve realized immediately that I had changed. My obsession with impulsive and habitual spending was nullified…gone…finito! Its official and I’m here to report that I’m a tamed shopaholic. My long-lost buddy, Macy’s, is no longer a driving force in my life.

Martin Haesemeyer on Flickr

Martin Haesemeyer on Flickr

My reputation has proceeded me for years and I’ve been known to be a spontaneous shopper. I would buy things for my different moods, happy or sad; good or bad. Prices were red flags to me and I used to charge it furiously like an agitated bull. So it was a challenge for me to visit Macy’s (watch section in particular) without some sort of trepidation. I was determined to face the beast and even tried on my coveted Bulova watch. It glittered against my wrist and I soaked in the dream as the sales lady, Jody, tried dilligently to entice the sale. She confessed that Macy’s was giving a 50% sale on the watch and it was the lowest she’s ever seen it sell for… Oh and do I have a Macy’s charge?bulovaNow this item I have been admiring from afar for about 5 years; the price was so high, it made this shopaholic’s head spin. I told Jody that I had the store card but overrided her pitch when I passed her back the watch. I thanked her kindly for her time and walked away. I’m proud of myself and realized that I finally grew some discipline.  I still love that Bulova watch but for now I will dance with it in my dreams.

-shani anona




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28 04 2009

Pleased to hear that you are over your shop to you drop days…lol..
In all seriousness though i believe if you work hard then you should always reward yourself with a lil supthin once in a while and this way be a bit off topic but i’m a firm believer in “You get what you pay for” so when you get the $$$$$ to afford the watch go ahead and treat yourself, dreams do come true.

Peace out from SNS

28 04 2009

Thanks Sheldon and I appreciate your comment. I agree, when I return to work and get back on my feet I will start a piggy-bank saving for that watch. Rewarding yourself for achievements is great but only when its well deserved. Just like 1cent, I made many reasons why I should purchase something but realistically didn’t need to purchase it.

28 04 2009
1cent putting in her 2cents

My name is Penny and I am also a recovering shopaholic. “Hi Penny” LOL
I do agree with Sheldon or should I say SNS :] ,you should treat yourself every once in awhile.
But if you are a compulsive shopper- we make excuses for our purchases

“It’s My Birthday, I am 35!!” – so you overspend and now you are still paying off those purchases on your credit card and you are now 37. LOL

“Oh, I had a bad day”- Shopping on those rollercoaster emotional days wreck havoc because when the bill comes you get more depressed!

“I don’t have anything to wear” Knowing damn well there are clothes in your closet still with tags on them. Or this is the 7th black dress you bought but it is cut different. :0 ()

“I am helping my Black President stimulate the economy so he can stay in office” – No comment to add to that one! ROTFLMAO haha
You all get my point!!

Saving your duckets is the key!! What we are experiencing now financially was never a thought and so that is why we are not prepared.

Some years ago I was watching the Suze Orman show and this 21 years old male had $30,000 in his savings account. Suze was impressed and she asked him how did he have all this money saved up in his young life. He said all the jobs that he had since he was 15 allowed him to do that. I began to reminisce about my employment as a youth working during the summer. I made a substantial amount of money and now I have nothing to show for it. With that dough, I was making clothing designers richer while my pockets were becoming infested with lint. That same behavior played out into my adult life and it took a long time to stop my temptation. But now I am learning my lesson. I hope others wake up and do the same.
If you want to Floss, you are always going to pay the Cost!!
I mean that literally and figuratively!!

28 04 2009

1cent, I love your examples which I’ve used in the past, believe it or not! I made tons of excuses to buy things that I couldn’t afford and tried to justify it with rewarding myself…NOT. Glad to say that my addiction is contained…or at least for now it is. I also appreciate how you tapped into Suze Orman who has been preaching about saving and wise spending. So true!

22 04 2010
love bulova

Bulova Diamond Watch #96R50
I first saw this watch in Macy’s so I was able to see it in person and try it on. At first I thought it was a little big, but it truly isn’t. I came home and ordered it off of Amazon because it was $100 cheaper. I love this watch! It’s classy and not too big or heavy. I would HIGHLY recommend this watch.

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