A Playground Nightmare

19 04 2009

Spring was in full bloom this past weekend. I’ve even noticed on Twitter people from both sides of the coasts were experiencing the same sunny, warm and adventurous weather. Since it was such a beautiful day and I had a ten year old under my watch, I decided to let her burn some energy at the park. Once we arrived, her first choice of activity was the swings. So I let her join the small group of kids and sat on an adjacent bench with my watchful eye. I noticed three larger girls monopolizing the two swings but decided not to intervene. Every child should learn how to speak up for themselves and the art of negotiation. But after ten minutes, I noticed that she had not budge from that spot from when we first got there. I even noticed a small boy politely asking these girls if they could swing next. It disheartened me when the girls ignored him and kept sharing the swings amongst their friends.

MunkyHouse on Flickr

MunkyHouse on Flickr

In my authoritative voice, (thanks to my five years of working with children) I addressed the girls and stressed the diplomacy of sharing. I knew by reprimanding them it would cause friction and to be honest, these kids were bigger than me and I’m an adult. After the backtalk accompanied with the neck-jerking, rolling eyes, and hissing of teeth, they finally obliged and only allowed the smaller children to use the swing. Since when is it right for children to address adults with such disrespect? Back in the day, I wouldn’t even speak to strangers with such ill mannered tones. These times are obviously behind us but boy do I miss the structured environment that children were once raised upon. At least I can reminisce.




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21 04 2009

i believe some of that has to do with laws (among other things). a parent can’t discipline a child without worrying about being reported for abuse. ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child!’ can’t people see how true that is?! –but that is not a license to lose your cool and beat a child senseless. it needs to be controlled discipline. that would certainly help! does that make sense?

22 04 2009

Blessings this makes complete sense. I like the control discipline, I think it would be mutually beneficial the parent as well as the child. Its definitely a challenge dealing with rude children.

28 04 2009

I would have knocked one of those little hefas off the swing.
Nuff said…lol..


28 04 2009

Wish it could have been that simple but its not. But it was nice to envision you doing it though…LOL. Definitely not going to put my hands on other peoples’ children but I’m praying for our youths to discover respecting each other.

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