Beyonce, A Successful Crossover?

16 04 2009
Photo by Pex Cornel

Photo by Pex Cornel

I’ve been a Beyonce fan ever since I seen her sashaying in the Destiny’s Child No, No, No video. From first sight, I knew she was legend to be a star. Her presence was dominant and demanded your attention. Instantly she became the prominent member amongst the rest and in my eyes it was Beyonce & Destiny’s Child. Now I’ve patiently followed the group with its 3 transformations and remained a dedicated devotee because of Bee. I knew her solo career was imminent because her celebrity was skyrocketing, (B is for BIG). And on her solo debut, Crazy In Love, Beyonce showed us just what bootylicious was. Since then, Beyonce has spun numerous successful albums, received many musical accolades and even became the face of Loreal. Let’s not forget she made JayZ bid adieu to his bachelorhood. So its so hard for me to believe that with all Bee’s triumphs that her acting career is mute.

She became a thespian in 2001 with Carmen: A Hip Hopera which if you weren’t an MTV buff, you’ve missed it. Luke performances ensued and we all watched as Jennifer Hudson snagged that Oscar for Dreamgirls, (well deserved). I still think Beyonce has gradually improved. On Cadillac Records she did her thing and even revived Etta James’s song…hello, she sang for President Obama and the Mrs.! Still in all, I’m a little skeptical with Beyonce’s next venture, Obsessed which is scheduled for release on April 24th. I do hope she can bring it and make this character come to life but my friends think otherwise, (shout-out to VL). Do you think Beyonce will be a successful crossover?

-shani anona




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17 04 2009

Beyonce is already a Successful Crossover she is a top selling Grammy winner, successful with endorsements, Oscar nominations for her successful songs lent to soundtracks and also all of her movie roles. Although Beyonce is a hard working Virgo as most Virgo’s are they strive for perfection in every and any way she went to Ivana Chubbuck who is the best of the best Acting coach who has trained Brad Pitt, Halle Berry, Will Smith, Eva Mendes, Dijimon Honsou and Jon Voight just to name a few (sorry I am a pop-culture hag lol) Beyonce still didn’t get the memo that she cant act. That is only my opinion! Now don’t get me wrong I totally applaud her for going hard at the acting thing and I am sure her father and many other yes men around her keep encouraging her to continue, but now that she has tackled acting I feel that she should move on and challenge herself to something else because really acting isn’t her thing. Let’s be honest she is not good at it and so many others silently agree which I ended up finding out on facebook after posting a status that I had on my mind about Beyonce’s acting so many comments about how horrible she is I thought to myself damn I am really not alone! Beyonce will continue to get roles because its clearly not about her Stella performances in acting it is to drawn her fans who love her gift of Singing to come see her in movies which will make the Studio executives tons of money and in America that is the bottom line. So Beyonce is a Successful Crossover…

21 04 2009

I hate to say that in acting i kept comparing her to jLo. Acting is NOT for everyone! However, like jLo in Selena, i believe that Bee can and is due to have at least one hit movie. Maybe it will be her upcoming film and maybe once she has that ‘hit’, she will feel she’s accomplished that goal and step away from the big screen to conquer something else. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. I have to admit, I am a bit interested in watching ‘Obsessed’.

17 04 2009

I think obsessed looks awesome! Ali Larter plays bat-shiat crazy REAL well, and i know Bey has the attitude to believably play a woman defending her man. She probably does it on the daily with the hos after J!

So excited about her tour! Presale tickets for my city (DALLAS!!) go on sale Monday for fan club members.

If you’re not one, go to and join!
Being a member gets you access to killer ticket packages too.
one of them, you are guaranteed front row seats, a meet and greet with Queen B, a VIP preshow party and a Dereon bag full of tour gear! That’s the one i want… i guess dreams really do come true!

17 04 2009

Hey Nicole, I’m going to be in the front row for Obsessed night! Thanks for info on purchasing Beyonce tickets! This is beneficial to all of Bee’s fans. That VIP preshow party sounds awesome and the Dereon bag is a great find!

18 04 2009

What’s up Shani!

I think that Beyonce will do fine. Look at any other artist or creative person who tried or attempted to crossover to another genre. Usually it is not a smooth transition. For example, we all knew that Jamie Foxx was multi-talented. However, in the begining of his acting career, I remember waiting for him to say something funny even though the role was a dramatic one. Look at the brother now! In my opinion, when a person is a SuperStar in their particular field it takes the fans or the public a moment for them to re-adjust their thinking on how they see that person. I don’t think she is the best in acting; far from it. However, I seen a whole lot worst from others who attempted the same thing.
P.S. Anytime we stretch our selves and step out of our comfortable zone…. sometimes it a bumpy ride. Not to take anything away from Jennifer Hudson; up until that role in “DreamGirls” we did not know that she had it “going on” like that. We didn’t have any real expectations of her, because her body of work was minimum at best. The bar was low…. DAMN! But, didn’t she hit the ball out of the part with that one. The bar for Mrs. Jay-Z is always going to be high, just from her earlier accomplishments in the music game.

18 04 2009
1cent putting in her 2cents

Oh no, I am not going to let no one talk about my B (Vedazzling) LOL!!!
I agree with Danny, the bar is set higher for Beyonce because she is mega star and we except nothing less from her!
Her name is synonomous with stardom. Anything that she is attached to; people swarm to see her “BRING IT”.
Beyonce’s talent is undeniable and in this new venture she needs some more time and practice to be reputable in the acting field. Her skills in dancing and singing has been honed over time since her youth. So her acting abilities require the same nurturing. I am rooting for you B! :0)

19 04 2009

Great responses. Vedazzling, I get it, you think Beyonce is good at what she does, just not acting. But when you’re not good at something that you really want to do, dust yourself off and try it again. So I have faith that Bee will get better and I’ll be there to support her on that journey.

Danny, I like your example about stretching ourselves and the bumpy beginnings. Starting this blog has been one of those rides that I’m enjoying and learning each day as I go.

1cent, I also like the example you used about Beyonce honing her skills as a dancer. Its so true that she wasn’t always as limber as she is today, that took years of practice.

28 04 2009

She aight, Ciara’s a better dancer. PLease beleive it…

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