A Small Victory!!!

16 04 2009

My hard work is paying off and now I’m going to share my small victory with you. So far since I’ve started my bootcamp, I’ve lost 3.5 pounds. This is a small milestone but I know its just the first of many more to come. How did I do it? Simply by changing my habits. I’ve made it my business to eat healthier foods and work out each day for 30 minutes.

I’ll be the first to admit, this was NOT easy for me. Removing the fried foods, greasy chips, and candy was like taking a limb from me. Instead I opted for baked or steamed foods, crisp fruits, and nuts (preferably almonds). I’ve also learn about portion control which has helped me with another problem, overeating. Less is so much more! Lastly, I’ve added salads to my meals and drinking lots of water.

Photo by mikebaird

Photo by mikebaird

As for the exercise, I’m still on my Leslie Sansone’s Walk Away the Pounds tape. To get an extra benefit, I’ve added 2 pound hand weights to my workouts. This has helped me to strengthen my arms as I go along. I also have a buddy, (good look 1cent) which has made it actually fun to exercise. One more lesson to share which is to park your car and try walking to some of your destinations. This has made a world of difference to me with building my endurance.

-shani anona




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16 04 2009

Girl! I’m still in the same battle too! I keep playing ‘yo-yo’ with the same 5-7 lbs. I have a treadmill at home and the time to use it – though I might say I don’t. What I need is the motivation to do it. That treadmill was a $1600 decorative addition to my apartment! Boo-hoo! But I LOVE me anyways!! 😉

16 04 2009

Nette, thanks for your comment. I too have an expensive piece of equipment in my home. I spent a pretty penny on my bike and I use it to hang up my clothes. Sounds bad? Maybe, but my plans are to take off my clothes, dust it off and RIDE.

18 04 2009

That’s aweseome Shani on your food choices. I never had to struggle with me weight, until i went to college and gained like SO much. It didn’t make me fat or sloppy but i was definiltey thicker and i hated it- i contribute it to staying out late, eating mcdonalds 5 times a day and drinking! And i definiltey learned my lesson- i now hate fast food and soda. My food taste is a lot differnt and i’ll pick up healthier choices over the less healthier ones, and i’ve never liked sweets or candies. But now i’ve decided to go vegan. Such a challenge, because there are some foods i just love- like hot wings, and cheese. But i definiltey noticed a difference in my body after i had eaten it. The best thing i added to my diet were fruit smoothies, and these Naked Juice drinks. And i snack all the time on healthy things.

18 04 2009

I applaud you, Shani! Keep up the fantastic work and know that I am cheering for you! This is fabulous news.

My brother and sister in law did the Leslie Sansone tape and lost a load of weight – an amazing feat for them both since they were….uh…couch potatoes sometimes. They look great and feel a thousand times better, sooooo kudos to you, love!

18 04 2009

This is so great~I am so proud of you! Glad you are taking step to enjoy life better & longer! You will always be my hero, Shani!
Squishes & Kisses!!

19 04 2009

Thank you all for your comments, encouragements, and advice. Staren, good luck on your transition on becoming a vegan. Pina, I’m looking forward to joining your brother and sister-in-law on the load of weight-loss. And Alice I’m looking forward to living a healthier life….thanks for the hero comment too. 🙂

28 04 2009

Awesome Shani, i’m very proud of you.
Keep it up, it’ll pay off.


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