Petition for The Game

12 04 2009

the-gameI’ve heard a disappointing rumor that CW’s The Game is going to be canceled. Now that Girlfriends is gone, The Game is one of the last television shows featuring African American characters in entertaining quandaries. I love me some Derwin and would love to see what will become of his future with the Melanie/Janay triangle. I want to know if Tasha Mack will finally find her king and get back on her feet from the corporate downsizing. Now that we’ve learned the core of Malik’s insecurities, will his father’s presence change him? Is it really the Pitts for Jason and Kelly? And will the truth come out about Tasha’s interference in hooking Jason up with Stacy Dash’s character?

These are questions of an avid fan who wants to know the outcome of these trials. And if you’re like me you would want to find a way to make it happen. What I found with a little research is that there is still a possibility that we can save The Game. Please sign up and share your thoughts on this link and join the petition against cancelling this great show.

UPDATE ON THE GAME…BET has picked up the show and working on the new season. Click here for more information!!




51 responses

12 04 2009

Oh wow! I didn’t know they were going to cancel The Game! That’s ridiculous! It’s bad enough they cancelled Girlfriends!

19 05 2009

I really hope the show stays on my husband and I enjoy watching together. This show brings us together
Girlfiend was good but was really for woman. While this show is
Just right for us. We can just sit together
Me and him and enjoy watching together.

12 04 2009

Exactly. I can’t see another show leave us prematurely. So I hope you will join me in the fight for The Game.

15 04 2009

I am not surprise by CW’s decision to cancelled this show that Black Folks love! It appears to me that no station except BET and TV1 wants to cater to us! Just look how they allowed Girlfriends to end that was not a proper goodbye for that show. I hope the same thing doesnt happen to The Game!

22 04 2009

The show should not be canceled at all. I agree that it is the only show that Black people have. I know for a fact that all of my Girlfriends watch the show because we watch the show at my house. That is the only time that the CW is watched on my TV. I know that the ratings should be high, since it is the only black show left on TV.

22 04 2009

Hey Ladies, thanks for your comments. I have some updates to report. Thanks to Twitter, I’ve been following Tia Mowry and she has informed the fans of The Game that by May 21st we will learn the outcome if the show will be continued or not. The letters and the petition has helped. Lets keep our fingers crossed but prayers work best!

28 04 2009

Hopefully they’ll keep the GAME running because like GIRLFRIENDS, Sex in the City and Desparate House Wives i’ve grown to know characters and story lines thanks to my wife who comes into the livingroom and turns away from Basketball, Baseball, Football game at halftimes or 7th inning streches. Funny how they want to cancel the GAME and not give Girlfriends another season but the other two shows are still going… Hmmmmm??????

11 05 2009

the game is an amazing show i love it. i make sure i watch the new episode the first day it airs. i love the cast as they are and i dont think that it would be the same if someone else takes thier place or the show being cancelled. this is the only show i watch on cw

12 05 2009

Hi Salicia, I too I’m a faithful devotee to The Game and its also the only show that I watch as well. I’m optimistic that CW will continue with the show and I’ve heard some rumors it may be for an hour….lets keep our fingers crossed for that one. By May 21st we will know the outcome so stay tuned.

16 05 2009

“The Game” is the best thing that has happened to the CW other than “Girlfriends”(before Tony left). If any producers or publishers are reading please know that there is nothing on t.v worth my time anymore except afternoon shows on bet. Which works out great because every since “The Game” has been syndicated to BET I’ve watched it more and I’m sure I’m not the only one. If “The Game” starts being broadcasted from BET it will have a better chance of surviving. Also as I was watching the season finale last night I notice a lack of background laughter. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put them back on you cannot have a dramedy without laughing because there were plenty of funny things. Please take the words of your viewers under consideration

16 05 2009

I totally agree with everything. And you know what I think the laughs should be added into the show again. And the whole show should be moved to BET because nobody really watches the CW unless the game or girlfriends is on.

16 05 2009

You guys know what you are talking about I agree

16 05 2009


16 05 2009
Tonae G

IM signing Tonae G. Long

16 05 2009
Kelly James

Im signing too Kelly James

16 05 2009
Amber Lewis

Only for the Game Amber Lewis

16 05 2009
gabrella montoyez

signed: gabrella montoyez

16 05 2009
Ashlee McIntosh


16 05 2009
Ashlee McIntosh

oops I meant to put my name Ashlee McIntosh

16 05 2009

Hi Ladies, and thanks for your comments. So far, so good. The Game has received a warm reception for its hour long finale. Sometime next week CW The Game on Twitter will provide email addresses, fax numbers, and urls to petition for the show. Remember the May 21 decision. You can check out their updates on Twitter at this link

17 05 2009

Keep it on please; so that everyone will know that “Derwin… ARE NOT the father!”

18 05 2009

Got that info for you to give a shout out for keeping The Game alive. Click on the link below to show your support. Please cut and paste in your browser if necessary.

19 05 2009

I am hopeful and really praying that the show be saved
My husband and I love it and we enjoy seeing it together.

19 05 2009
Deborah Payton

I love this show and my heart will be broken if CW cancels THE GAME. It is very entertaining and the cast is dynamite. The Game is funny, sad, serious. and a very down to earth sitcom. Because of the day and time the show airs could very well be the reason for the decrease in ratings. Friday night at 8:30 p.m. is not a good time to air a show like THE GAME because of the age group that watch the show like to go out on FRIDAYs after working or going to school all week. I feel if the show was aired on a another day like Sunday maybe or during the week the rating will hit the ceiling! So please CW don’t let us down, because we love THE GAME and want to see whats going to happen next wih Tasha Mac and Rick Fox, Melaney and Derwin, Maleek and his new found family (sister/singer) and not to mention Kelly and Jason. So please, please, please with sugar on top keep the show on the air for many more seasons or at least see what good will come out of the next season 4. Thanks for listening and caring.

20 05 2009
Stacy Jones

I absolutely love THE GAME!! It is the best show on TV right now! Please keep the show for at least one more season! If the CW network doesn’t want it, they can at least let another network pick it up and please believe that I will find it and continue to watch! If THE GAME is cancelled, there will not be anymore (black) shows (of substance) left!

I knew that the CW wanted to have a decrease in ratings, therefore cancelling it, when they moved it to Fridays at 8:30! They know that people go out around that time, BUT I have DVR so if I wasn’t in, I still made sure, I watched it before the weekend was over!

If CW thinks that no one wacthes it, they need to checkout my and my friends’ Facebook status after watching the show! Everyone has something to say about the show! If the show is cancelled, I WILL boycott CW!!

21 05 2009
Jennifer Lane

Please don’t cancel the game, it is one of the remaining adult sitcoms that can be watched. I love the show as well as the characters. I really want to know if Tasha and Rick Fox are going to get back together. I want to know how it is going to work out with Jenay, Derwin, Melanie, and the baby.

21 05 2009

Hi Jennifer Lane, and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, CW has canceled The Game and it was made official last night. Check out my last post where I follow up on the situation.

22 05 2009
latisha mills

Please bring back The was my fav show on tv ….i have nothing to watch now………..signed by Latisha Mills

2 06 2009

Please keep The Game on the air.

21 08 2009
pittsburgh steelers family

This is dissappointing news.My family and I really enjoy gathering together to watch.THERE got to be a spot somewhere.Another day or time.Since reruns are on BET station,could they air new programs.

26 08 2009
Bigshark 13

CW Execs Don’t Hate
Just because you did not know how to package this show to fit your station’s weird Friday night lineup doesn’t mean there is not a place for it on TV. Really, what was that show between Everybody Hates Chris and The Game. Since you clearly don’t want the show, allow BET to properly launch it to the next level. As for BET the show is not broken so don’t try to fix it. Build yourself a good week night line up with grown folk shows and throw in your reruns of girlfriends at ten O clock slot and you will have the revenue to support this.

27 08 2009

Please say it isnt so another great show getting bumbed for smallville!!! Whats that about? I cannot think of any show that would ever make it without the proper exposure? It never had a chance on CW and I hope BET can pick it up where it left off so that it and the phenominal cast can get the proper fan base that is way over due. Signing off and hoping my few sentences can help this movement. Love. Chanel

7 09 2009

I loved the show and I hope that it is picked up by some other network. There is so little in terms of black shows. This is ridiculous. We need to boycott television until we are represented.

8 09 2009

Please bring the game back its a great show !! Please don’t cancel another great show .

10 09 2009

Hi B,

Here is a link to TV Guide about any updates about the show. You could check it out and keep your fingers crossed.

10 09 2009

Howdy Petitioners,

Here is a link to TV Guide ( for any updates on The Game. Let’s all hope for the best for this great show and look forward to its return!

12 09 2009
D Clark

I feel that the Game is the most real black show on tv today. I started watching it when it took over the show, Girlfriends and have been hooked ever since. Please keep this show on the air.

13 09 2009

Please continue to air “The Game” . I loved the characters and it was refreshing to see an african american sitcom on television when there are so few. I can identify with the ladies.

19 09 2009
Pamela Thompson

how could a show that is good for both the husband and the wife to watch TOGETHER ever b a bad thing? This show, whether u know it or not, has allowed many couples to come back together in front of the television again. My husband gets his fill of testosterone with the sports in the show and I get my lady fix with the sunbeam drama, the girls friendships with each other and their relationships. This is a show u can’t go wrong with CW. Come on, i know i was one that didn’t find out about the show until i saw all the reruns this summer but i promise, i am now will to watch it whenever it is on. don’t take this from us, we love it!!!
thank u 4 ur time.

20 09 2009

im so sickof them canceling black shows for young minority teens ..thy wuld keep on thes wack shoes like onetreehill and stuf but they cnt keep on one of the most intresting and entertaining shows yet..the game is the first show i actually sat down and watched everynight it premiered and since i caught it late and wanted to be informed on everything that happened b4 season 2 i went on youtube and watched the first season to be caught and and i started to follow the series regularly im a 16 year old girl who found her show and now its cancelled ..smh(shake my head) sometimes the entertainment bizzness discusses me (by the way please do not spell check this I know many words were not spelled properly,and that was for a reason .I was speaking in text on sum of the words.) Please bring the show back it ended with so many questions unanswered.

24 09 2009

please continue thye g ame my whole family loves the show we will be very dissappointed if thyey cancelled another black tv show. the game is great gtive us extra innnings pleeeeeease

24 09 2009

excuse the spelling. im just a little upset about the cancelling of another black tv show. first girlfriends now the game. signed crystal

28 09 2009

I am sorry the Game was cancelled. It is such a good show. I very rarely watch TV series but once I started watching the game I was hooked. I watch the reruns on BET all the time. I hope it comes back. I love the show so much.

13 10 2009

The game is a very funny show! It shouldn’t under NO CIRCUMSTANCES be canceled.
I feel the decrease in the views, may have been due to marketing. I didn’t find out about the show until series 3, after watching I went to youtube and viewed all the shows that I missed. Now that I am hooked you guys want to cancel, not good.

14 10 2009

I love this show! PLEASE bring it back!!!!

21 10 2009

Don’t cancel the show please. This is a great sitcom that deserves a chance. So PLEASE BRING THE GAME BACK.

27 10 2009
lisa o.

Please contine to air “the game”! I really love the characters and the overall theme of the show. Looking forward to many more seasons.

5 11 2009

Please keep the tv show on. I love the differenct roles that each character plays and it always leaves you wanting more.

17 11 2009

I hope they bring “The Game” back. You can continue your support @ & sign the petition.

16 02 2010

I feel its not fair to leave faithful fans hanging i agree with some viewers there are a lot of stupid shows still on the air and maybe you might need to change the day and time to get the rating you deserve!! There’s so many unanswered strings left untied with the shows outcome. Thats just like watching a movie that says to be continued and it dont continue. Like going to work on friday with the weekend off and when you go back for work on monday the building is gone!! U FEEL ME….. MS. CONFUSED I LOVE YOU DERWIN (ROOKIE)!! TASHA I CAN RELATE TO YOU WITH YOUR HARD STYLE!!

21 03 2010

I have watched the game since it started and I want more!

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