The 2 Faces of Lil’ Kim

10 04 2009

Lil Kim is the main reason why I’ve been continuously watching this season’s Dancing With The Stars. Her first performance was good; actually captivating, because I’ve never seen Kim dance before. I’ve seen her body-bopping in her videos but I wouldn’t categorize that as really dancing. Nevertheless, Kim has continued to astound me each week with her graceful agility and her refreshing humbleness. I’m very proud of her dance floor achievements and have high hopes for Kim to win. Or at least come in second place next to Gilles Marini who is a heavy contender and has made a habit of steaming up the screen since his performance in the Sex And The City movie. Ladies, you remember that outdoor shower scene don’t you?


On the other hand, what I find to be incredibly disappointing about Lil Kim is her altered physical appearance. And frankly, it is NOT an improvement. She is barely recognizable and to be honest, L.K. reminds me of a miniature version of Latoya Jackson. We have all witnessed the unnecessary transformation of Kim. First was the breast augmentation that Kim so proudly modeled for us at 1999 MTV Awards. Do you recall that shrilling moment when Diana Ross couldn’t resist paying homage to her breast? I’m still flabbergasted by that one. This was a subtle change for Kim and although I didn”t agree with it, I still condoned her choice; she looked good.


Lets transcend to present day which is actually ten years later. Kim has not only added buxom boobs and an ample derriere to her petite frame but she has also changed her facial features as well. I could only imagine how her mother must feel about that one. These surgeries weren’t necessary or warranted as preventative. On the real, it could have been detrimental to her health. Let’s not forget about the unfortunate example Donda West has taught us.


Still bemused by Kim’s decision to plasticized her face, I’ve come to the following conclusion on why Kim chose this direction. Stating the obvious, Kim wasn’t loving herself unconditionally. She wanted to change what she thought were her imperfections. She didn’t love that nose, cheekbones, lips, and eyes. She felt her breasts were too small and her behind too flat. What Kim has to realize is that these are God’s gifts and to him we are all beautiful.

-shani anona




10 responses

16 04 2009
Life Is Fun

I think Lil Kim’s routines on “Dancing With The Stars” are just like her body and face… Nothing but Hollywood special effects.

16 04 2009

Another sad fact is that instead of looking pretty (which I’m sure in her mind was her goal), she actually looks not only fake but scary as well. Looking is like looking at MJ – I can’t look for too long… it’s eerie.

16 04 2009

Life is Fun & Nette,

Thanks for your comments. I’m lovin’ the snark! I hope Kim does learn the message of my post which is to love yourself.

17 04 2009

I have never watched dancing with the stars but only watched it to see Lil Kim, my mom loves that show and I never got the big deal. Watching week after week did help me to see the fascination with seeing these non talented dancers who are stars that work really hard at learning these dance moves that aren’t easy so I bravo to them and it also doesn’t hurt that fact that it helps revive some of these has been careers. Like Lil Kim’s new CD coming out this summer. I do agree every week she looks really scary but she appears as if she has slowed down with the surgeries, I wish her luck because I always liked her and couldn’t understand why she did all that to herself!

28 04 2009

Can’t say that i’m feeling the whole plastic surgery going on with L.K. but i still love her. She’s a ride or die chick, we all know that from the charge she took for NOT snitching. Born in raise in BK my birthplace. Lets not forget that she can definitly spit a hot 16 when she wants. So do i like the cover, not much but i love the pages.


28 04 2009

Wow, I’m impressed with your analogy of not liking the cover, but loving the pages. Great way to explain conflicted feelings towards Lil’ Kim. Here’s to hoping that LK learns to love herself unconditionally.

28 08 2009
city girl dc

I was shocked to see the changes in Lil Kim as well. It’s rather sad. I agree with the LaToya Jackson comparison but I also think there’s a Pamela Anderson similarity which is very weird.

28 08 2009

City girl dc,

Appreciate your comment. Good point on the Pam Anderson comparison too. So sad and so true!

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