My First Day of Boot Camp

9 04 2009

Today makes it official. I started my exercise regiment. I’m not going to gloss this one up, it was EXTREMELY hard for a novice like me. At first I was going to torture myself and attempt to do some Billy Banks’ TaeBo but realized that my body wasn’t physically adept for doing too many round-off kicks, so I opted for Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds. This is a basic form of exercise which anyone can do and it helps to build your endurance. Okay, I had my doubts that it would work for me and was merely a waste of my time. The fact that it’s entry level and is just walking in place made me a unconvinced. I’m a firm believer that if I don’t sweat, I’m not burning calories. But after my 2 mile walk, I felt the sweat permeating through my shirt and the beads dripping down my face. I was amazed how taunt my leg muscles felt from simply committing to a 30 minutes. I’m excited to try the next level which will add some kicks…uh oh!

Photo by Foxtongue

Photo by Foxtongue

Now that I succeeded with my first day, I’m still nervous about the future. What I find to be the most challenging part of exercising is not the physical labor but the routine. In the past, I found myself suffering a stumbling block (like twisting my ankle or something) or just losing interests all together. My desire is to commit to this for the long haul but I need inspiration. Luckily I found a few ideas that is actually giving me the motivation to succeed. I discovered a lovely picture of myself when I was on the healthier side. I was surprised that this photo brought instant joy to my heart and I didn’t cringe (okay maybe not that much). I will use my picture as a model and strategically place it somewhere noticeable as a daily reminder. I also found that morning hours is the best time to do my exercise. When time progresses, I can even squeeze in another session in the afternoon or evening. Hah, I’m on my way.

Please share your tips on how to stay committed to exercising? I’m all ears.

-shani anona




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14 04 2009
1cent putting in her 2cents

I don’t have any tips at the moment. Girl I need them myself! :0)
I have been exercising off and on since January (New Year’s Resolution- LOL)
and eating healthier choices. Well, the healthy eating is still existent in my daily routine. My issue is I see the problem but I lack the motivation to continue.
I have been petite and slim for so long and didn’t have to worry about my diet or any work out activity. Then the treacherous 30’s hit and the kangaroo pouch that I carry around sure looks like a joey is nestled in there. But last time I checked no bun is in this oven! LOL

Oh maybe I do have a tip or suggestion (lightbulb) haha
A way we both can stay commited is to develop a buddy system.
It might be hard to partner up with someone to exercise because of schedules.
But your buddy can check on you via phone call or whatever communication you desire to see if you did your workout for the day and vice versa.
That person would be encouraging and also stay on you when you get a little lazy. No one likes to be constantly reminded of something. When your Mom is in your ear telling you to do something – we do it so we don’t hear her mouth.
What do you think? Do you want to be my buddy? :0)

15 04 2009

1cent, thanks for taking the time to share your plight and I will humbly accept your offer to buddy with you! I emphatically agree that having a buddy will not only give a nudge that is needed but it also creates a world of difference for a person to know there is a back up system. A good friend also suggested that there is no goal to reach; this is a lifestyle change. Since then, I’ve learned to put on my ipod and hit my “Just Do It” playlist and keep it moving.

15 04 2009

Well a buddy is good it helps but you most have the motivation to want to change. Thats the difficult part is keeping the motivation. I have the walk away the pounds dvd and I love it once I start use it!! LOL!! I encourage you to continue as well as change ur eating habits. That what I been doing since March and I lost 10lbs. Thats not much but its a start. Well girl keep it up I’m proud of you!!

16 04 2009

Thanks rasheddagirl and I’m proud of your achievements as well, 10 pounds is a lot to me!! I love that walk away tape and feel its an excellent start with exercising. As for the eating habits, that was a hard one for me to change but I’ve learned that without discipline, I will not see any results.

16 04 2009
Esther :)

Well if you’re ever in need of a walking buddy-I’m there. Although it is a challenge to keep at a steady pace. I’ll try and do my best, but I’ll definetly get that heart of your’s to pump overtime. Another option is my Mel B. Totally Fit DVD…. Just the sight of this womans physique will be enough motivation!! Either way, I know you can do it!!

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