Is Tyler Perry’s Madea Funny Anymore?

7 04 2009


Tyler Perry’s upcoming film version of I Can Do Bad All by Myself is scheduled for a Sept 2009 release. I have to admit, I’m not exactly enthused. Sure Tyler is a tremendous talent and has become a formidable powerhouse in his own right but the thought of watching another movie featuring him as Madea doesn’t impress me anymore. I am looking forward to seeing Ms. Taraji P. Henson do her sassy thang in her second role in Perry’s films. I can’t wait to witness Mary J. Blige in her first big screen role. I’m even itching to seeing Gladys Knight and hope that she bellows a tune or two. But I don’t want to see Madea anymore. It’s Boring Boo!

Yes, Eddie Murphy has done it before in a few films and Martin Lawerence had his go at it too. Each has portrayed women characters and made huge profits off of it. Since his film debut in 2006, Tyler Perry has graced us with the Madea character in five films. It may not seem like a lot to some but I beg to differ. How many laughs will you get with Madea wilding out when she doesn’t get her way? Is it really funny when she slurs her words? How many of her relatives need her intervention for it to be enough? Its time to put Madea to rest. Do you feel me?




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11 04 2009
1cent putting in 2cents

I am feeling you about putting the character, Madea to rest.
Mr. Perry is so gifted and I have been a fan of his ever since his theatre productions on the “Chitlin Circuit”. And when he began to recreate his plays on film, I was thrilled to add my dollars to his blockbuster success. Perry’s latest release, Madea Goes to Jail was somewhat disappointing to me. I was bored but I did muster up a few laughs, very few. Maybe it is overexposure of the character or I am getting tired of the buffonery. His best movies to date in my opinion are Why Did I Get Married? and A Family That Preys which didn’t include the character. But I did LMAO while viewing The Diary of A Mad Black Woman. Maybe Madea should just hang up her wig and gun for awhile so we can appreciate her return.

11 04 2009

You do have a point for Tyler to let Madea lay low for awhile. It would be nice to miss her but I realize that she is an important part of his empire. Too much of anything can become redundant and boring. I would love for Tyler to do the unexpected. Thanks for your thoughts 1cent!

16 04 2009

Though I can’t say that I’m tired of her, because I haven’t seen all the movies, I can see how it can get boring. The films I saw were pretty funny – but what I liked the most was that to some degree they had a Christian influence. However, I can’t say that I’m enthused to see the new one either.

18 04 2009

I am so very glad you said that! Madea is hilarious, however usually all of his movies have the same theme.

28 04 2009

Hell to the NO i don’t feel you!!!!
Madea is Funny as Hell!!!!


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