Embracing Unemployment Lessons

5 04 2009

I was the female who would buy things at will regardless of price. Even if I didn’t have the cash, the credit card was in tow so you know I was getting it. I was the chick who ignored the pennies on the street and would only bend for the silver coins. Now that I’m unemployed, I will drop-it-like-its-hot for the ole copper. We are all experiencing hard times in some form or another, especially the unemployed. I for one can attest that my unemployment has changed my lifestyle in drastic ways and I have to admit, its for the better.

Unemployment has taught me the value of my dollars and has trained me to focus on my needs; my wants are less important at this time. I’ve become a full fledged coupon shopper and make it my business to try to buy my products on sale.  I’ve become so skilled that I even know which store sells an item cheaper so I can receive further discounts. My social life has also changed too. I’m no longer part of the crowd at after work spots for the drink specials and going out to eat has become a frivolous expense; one that I simply cannot afford. Instead I have a girls night in and have each friend contribute to our meal and/or drinks. This is a practical way to hang out with your girls and its cost effective.

I’ve embraced my unemployment and value the lessons it has afforded me. Less is so much more during dire times. Have you ever been unemployed? If so, do tell the lessons you’ve learned.

-shani anona




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9 04 2009

Yeah I was unemployed for a year (right after 911)…. and it was one of the worst times of my life. Aside from the frugal spending habits I had to develop, the most profound impact was the feeling of being a man and bringing home the bacon! It was a degrading feeling that left me feeling inadequate and depressed. I thought less of myself and couldn’t understand why I man with my experience couldn’t find a job paying me what I deserved. I finally had to move out of the state (moving away from my kids) to an area where my skill set would be properly compensated and would be commensurate to sustain support for my children. So I know how you feel, it’s a traumatic experience that still haunts me as it affords the production of unproductive habitual behavior like spending wasteful time on the computer. I also started drinking and even smoking cigarettes!!!! WOW

I thank God that period of my life is over and that I’ve learned from that experience. Nothing is promised and even if you prepare yourself, still ANYTHING can happen…. so in closing your only refuge is your strong faith and trust in the only One who knows your future, GOD.


9 04 2009


Thanks for sharing your experience with unemployment. Your honesty was deeply heartening and has not only touched me but I’m sure others as well. I share the same thoughts about not securing a job with my skills and education. Makes me wonder at times if its really worth it? I also feel your pain with your choice in relocating which was a noble decision to provide a better future for your children. Having perseverance is the key to any success.

15 04 2009
1cent putting in her 2cents

Before I begin- Jawayne’s posting was truly thought provoking!
After 9/11, I think many of us forgot how an ecomonic downturn happened right here in our city before the financial crisis that we are dealing with now.
At that time, I could only sympathize with your situation because a person can only empathize when they actually experience it. Now, I am there.

I took a risk of leaving my comfort zone of teaching middle school students for 13 years. Some may ask WHY- the pay was ample- the workday was short- excellent benefits- summers off and was able to make a lucrative amount of money teaching summer school with addition to my summer pay.
BUT— I was not HAPPY!!! I hated waking up going to that job!! And I couldn’t figure it out because I wanted to be an educator since I had pigtails.

I didn’t have an idea what I wanted to do but after taking some classes @ F.I.T I found my niche, Event Planning. Taking those courses instilled a new fire in me which led me to two great internships where I learned numerous skills and walked away with memorable experiences. Those episodes are now over and this profession is not biting due to the tumultous economy. I am very optmistic because the sun always shines on my street. I guess it will just take a little longer for my risk to pay off.

15 04 2009

1cent, I love your optimism with the sun always shines on your street. Its true to not let unemployment turn us toward negativism but to actually allow it to condition us for a more prosperous future. Learning to become accustomed to saving for those rainy days and make more conscience decisions with our money is the first lessons unemployment teaches. I’m with you on the road to betterment.

15 04 2009
1cent putting in her 2cents

Oops, I forgot to say what is the lesson I learned- LOL
Girl, you know I like to talk or should I say write. :0)

I remember years ago going to mall faithfully on payday, the 1st and the 15th.
Maybe not the 1st that much because that was RENT TIME. haha
I was living check to check and when I came in with my shopping bags -my parents would shake their heads and look at me and always say “You better save for a rainy day” Parents know best because they have been there – done that but I did not listen.

Now, its pouring outside and I don’t have the financial umbrella they spoke so often about to keep me from getting drenched. My parents are from a generation of savers, minimalists and not living on the edge.
I am quickly learning to have their mindset but at this point I have no choice but to do so.

15 04 2009

Hey Girly, I have never been unemployed during my adult life. I will pray everyday that i never experience it. Girl I appauled you on how you have adjusted and know how to drop it likes it hot for money(coins) when need be! LOL!!! But these times you have to have a budget and spend only when necessary because it appears that no job is safe! I know that you will find a great job soon!

16 04 2009

Yes, I’m dropping for those coins, especially PENNIES. LOL. I still have so much pride but I learned not let it be my downfall. Unemployment has humbled me in the right way. Thanks for your well wishes.

28 04 2009

I’m currently unemployed now and what it has taught me is that it’s time to DIVERCIFY, all of us who are unemployed! I know first hand how hard things can be when your’re out of a job but there’s no time to throw in the towel, come out swinging like a true champ. Yeah you gotta cut back on some things like going out with your peeps, shopping, etc, etc but if you have faith that you’re in GODS favor then you’ll be blessed. Continue to LIVE people not just exist.

Ya boy SNS…

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