Reality Tv’d Out???

31 03 2009

Is it just me or are you too reality tv’d out? I tried to support these shows and give them a chance to impress me…well, the whoo-me-factor hasn’t been done lately and I’ve been very patient. With the exception of a few creative reality shows like Project Runway (when does the new season start?), T.I.’s Road to Redemption (big up to T.I. during his time in prison), and American Idol (when is Simon going to give up those darn t-shirts?), all current reality tv shows are just simply boring, annoying and predictable!

Why does Ray J need to find love publicly? Is it because he wants to have a harem of semi-attractive women parading themselves around him vying for his attention? Okay, that may be a man’s dream but haven’t we had enough with the Flava Flav’s buffoonery and New York’s antics. C’mon people, you know its enough!the-heights

And now here we go, with the next realm of catty chicks with the snootiest attitudes.  I haven’t seen so many pursed lips on females since standing at the end of a bursar line at school. Well thanks to Harlem Heights we get to revisit the schoolyard again. I’ll be the first to admit that I was initially attracted to the show due to viewing Harlem’s nightlife and the parading fashions.  But after the first couple of episodes I knew this was just another backstabbing, man/woman-stealing, Kanye West plugging show…nothing original. Blah!

Ohh the horror of College Hill South Beach. Another show casting sailor-mouthed wrestling females and males in their journey of education; Nonetheless, not worth a phrase more. Lastly, I’m totally disappointed with the candy behind Candy Girls. This show illustrates that there can be NO class and little glamour behind the scenes of videos; mostly drama. Expected!

On the real, I haven’t found many new reality tv shows sending positive messages to our youths. Its even more displeasing that most of the craziest shows cast black folks who are depicted in less than flattering terms. Here’s a dose of reality for you reality stars….WAKE UP!!! If you are feeling the way I do, please share your thoughts.




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2 04 2009
1cent Putting In Her 2cents

Yes, Shani I am truly Reality Tv’d out!!!

I was actually intrigued when the promos of Harlem Heights aired. It was exciting to see young urban professionals from various pursuits achieving their aspirations. Also, to witness the phemenomal changes to this iconic neighborhood with the expansion of housing, trendy boutiques, new restaurants and chic bar/lounges.

As I watched the first two episodes, I said to myself- “Wow, this is so refreshing!” But the following Monday night, I realized that I was hoodwinked!!
I quickly became turned off by the women’s cattiness so I decided to focus on the fellas; but one of them soon became enthralled into that too.

Recently, I heard some of the cast members were getting called out on their behavior on the show and they blamed it on the editing. Are these shows so chopped and screwed to make it seem like reality is really that drama filled?! They can blame it on editing all they want but television can only put out what actions you display.

As for College Hill- does it ever show them in a classroom or on any college campus? But you can always be sure to see the drinking of alcohol, a pool or a hot tub!

Candy Girls- I will not even dignify that with a response- It is what is is!

B.E.T created its own network so we would have a voice and see our images on the screen. There is always a debate on how African Americans (or what some call it) “minorities” are portrayed on the tube but B.E.T is continually producing the same shows we often complained about. We can no longer blame some of our conduct on “THE MAN”.

I feel that my generation had quality images on television but today it is so saturated with the wrong ones. In the words of my President ” We have to make a change!”

3 04 2009

Wow, thank you for your in depth response 1cent! I can see you feel the same way that I do about these reality shows and totally agree that we need to make a positive change in how this generation is being depicted.

4 04 2009

Hey Shani Anona –
I am so excited that you have decided to explore this topic! I got sucked into Ray J’s show by my sister and I swore I wouldn’t watch another Flavor Flav type dating vh1 show again, But Ray J left me feeling the same way as I did for all of the other vh1 dating shows women doing crazy things to win his love over and for what reason to be left at the reunion special????
Harlem Heights is the WORST; I once again thought maybe this will be our time as New Yorkers to show a very special piece of upper Manhattan. Viewing African American Urban Professional that would be classy and trendy; after watching the first two episodes I wanted to die. This was an unflattering Look at a wannabe Hills cast. Whereas the Hills took two seasons to get to actual drama Harlem Heights began in twenty minutes. Tacky!!! The Fashion was a bore, the trendy spots were always empty and by the way Harlem was still not represented!
Candy Girls wtf a basic t & a show to promote this ladies agency!
I consider myself a Reality TV junkie but I am ready to retire. Well I hope : )


5 04 2009

Ms. Vedazzling, thanks for your support and your comments. I can see you are reality tv’d out like me.

6 04 2009

I’m just done with whack TV in general… but reality TV is a 50/50 split to me…
My family still get’s into “TV nights” so I have been sucked into some great shows such as American Idol (the best reality show in my opinion, seeing how sober Paula will be on a weekly basis is the best)…
Dancing with the Stars is my new show that I’m getting into this season… Seeing Lil Kim get lighter by the week and Lawrence Taylor (the greatest Football player ever) dancing and actually looking good while they do it…
And last but not least seeing the self destruction of Que on Making the Band 4 is very interesting… Why is Donnie still around?

For every bad reality show there is one that is cool to watch as well…
Here are some extras…
Cheaters on the G4 channel, Taking Over the Stage (for kids) on MTV, and Dhani Takes on The World on Travel TV should all show you to see that reality TV is still 50/50

9 04 2009


I feel you with watching DWTS this season to see Lil Kim and her transformations. I have some thoughts to share about LK and will be posting about it shortly. Stay tuned…

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