A Change of Season

31 03 2009

On the first day of Spring it snowed outside whicspring-snow1h made it a really special day for me. It was a season of change yet the old climate still existed. This act of nature symbolized what I’m currently going through. I strongly desire a change from my old habits and begin anew but my past still haunts me. My confession is that I am like so many Americans; I’m overweight or to be honest, obese. Today, I’m facing the woman in the mirror and accepting the beautiful & the unpretty.

For many years, I didn’t love myself unconditionally and actually gave up caring about my well being. My health was placed on the back burner of my priorities along with love and ultimately my happiness. Okay, I can partially blame my slump on the bad breakup I suffered two years ago but that still doesn’t account for all the time I wasted wallowing in hopelessness. I did this to myself and now I’m undoing it.

Loving yourself is the first step in creating change. I love myself enough to desire a healthier lifestyle. I’m currently on the road to diabetes which unfortunately runs heavily in my family. I want to change it to the path of euphoria. Analyzing your habits is the second step and I’ll admit that I’m a stress eater. There is no secret potion to drink to be immune from stress. Each day we all encounter stress of some kind. What I’ve learned is to embrace the stress, learn from it and then move on. Its helpful to accept things that you cannot change too. Last and definitely not the least is to initiate healthy rituals. Incorporating daily exercise and opting for wholesome foods is a change to be kept.  This is the change of my season and the journey to healthiness.

-shani anona




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31 03 2009

“There’s been times that I thought… I wouldn’t last for long… but now I know I’m able… to carry on… it’s been a long, a long time coming… but I know a change gonna come” Sam Cooke

To love is to be one with God, because god is love…
Love is always kind…
So you have to remember to be kind to yourself and not be so hard on yourself for being over weight (the poor folk in the African diamond mines wish they could be obese)

And last but not least keep letting them seasons change…

31 03 2009

Thank you Abram-Atafa for your intuitive response. I agree with you that God is love and loving yourself unconditionally brings you closer to him. In order to process change, and for me its a healthy change, you need to have love and acceptance of yourself.

2 04 2009

Girl I totally agree with you. As we get older you become wiser and knowledge is key to being happy in your life and in the body that god created for you. At 36 I am finally happy in this body, this obese body. LOL!! Not saying that i’m not going to make this body better and viewed it as a temple god meant for it to be. So girl you right a change of season.

3 04 2009

Thanks rasheddagirl for your response. I totally agree with your thoughts about viewing my body as the temple God meant for it to be. And its so true to be happy in your body, whatever the size! Its all about loving yourself unconditionally.

3 04 2009
1cent Putting In Her 2cents

I concur with Abram-Atafa -continue to let those seasons Change!
Every three months, the new season shows us the world is evolving
The world is constantly transforming and so are we
Our bodies, mindset, desires, friends, jobs etc….
We should steadily Change and not become complacent
But Change is a process and once you embrace it
you see how beneficial Change can be
Worries and negativity of yesterday is in the past
And today is anew; filled with promising possibilites
Shani, I will support you through your journey of Change!

3 04 2009

1cent thanks for your support and know that its appreciated. I’m embracing that change!

4 04 2009

We all are like the seasons changing! Winter is dark and cold, followed by Springs light and new beginnings, followed by warm, lazy Summer days which brings us to cool, crisp, colorful Autumn. Has not your life in one way, shape, or form followed the change of seasons? Our lives take on the change of seasons and it is up to us to receive the Blessings that come our way for each season bring beauty that we must find for ourselves! Thanks for the invite to your blog, I love it and You~Beautiful Shani!

4 04 2009

Alice, I really enjoyed your sentiment and thank you for reading. I appreciate your support.

4 04 2009

I have to jump on Abram-Atafa comment; I find that change whether it is girlfriends, jobs or even where you leave is well needed. If we don’t except the change that god is trying to move us into we can stay stagnate and never grow. I myself find change hard and have just now started to realize that Change is growth.

4 04 2009

I meant to say even where you live in the second sentence 🙂
Sorry not a professional at writing !

11 04 2009
MissMaine Always

I think all women including myself, have been on the same emotional rollercoaster. Until we’re able to reach the point where were comfortable in our own skin. True, life is about trial and error, and learning from our mistakes. But I feel if we could get through an obstacle that has hurt us emotionally we can survive anything that comes our way.

12 04 2009

Miss Maine,
I’m totally agreeing about getting through an tough obstacle, we can survive anything. Life is all about lessons, its a huge part of the journey. Learning to embrace our missteps makes us stronger. Thanks for your comment.

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