Reality Tv’d Out???

31 03 2009

Is it just me or are you too reality tv’d out? I tried to support these shows and give them a chance to impress me…well, the whoo-me-factor hasn’t been done lately and I’ve been very patient. With the exception of a few creative reality shows like Project Runway (when does the new season start?), T.I.’s Road to Redemption (big up to T.I. during his time in prison), and American Idol (when is Simon going to give up those darn t-shirts?), all current reality tv shows are just simply boring, annoying and predictable!

Why does Ray J need to find love publicly? Is it because he wants to have a harem of semi-attractive women parading themselves around him vying for his attention? Okay, that may be a man’s dream but haven’t we had enough with the Flava Flav’s buffoonery and New York’s antics. C’mon people, you know its enough!the-heights

And now here we go, with the next realm of catty chicks with the snootiest attitudes.  I haven’t seen so many pursed lips on females since standing at the end of a bursar line at school. Well thanks to Harlem Heights we get to revisit the schoolyard again. I’ll be the first to admit that I was initially attracted to the show due to viewing Harlem’s nightlife and the parading fashions.  But after the first couple of episodes I knew this was just another backstabbing, man/woman-stealing, Kanye West plugging show…nothing original. Blah!

Ohh the horror of College Hill South Beach. Another show casting sailor-mouthed wrestling females and males in their journey of education; Nonetheless, not worth a phrase more. Lastly, I’m totally disappointed with the candy behind Candy Girls. This show illustrates that there can be NO class and little glamour behind the scenes of videos; mostly drama. Expected!

On the real, I haven’t found many new reality tv shows sending positive messages to our youths. Its even more displeasing that most of the craziest shows cast black folks who are depicted in less than flattering terms. Here’s a dose of reality for you reality stars….WAKE UP!!! If you are feeling the way I do, please share your thoughts.


A Change of Season

31 03 2009

On the first day of Spring it snowed outside whicspring-snow1h made it a really special day for me. It was a season of change yet the old climate still existed. This act of nature symbolized what I’m currently going through. I strongly desire a change from my old habits and begin anew but my past still haunts me. My confession is that I am like so many Americans; I’m overweight or to be honest, obese. Today, I’m facing the woman in the mirror and accepting the beautiful & the unpretty.

For many years, I didn’t love myself unconditionally and actually gave up caring about my well being. My health was placed on the back burner of my priorities along with love and ultimately my happiness. Okay, I can partially blame my slump on the bad breakup I suffered two years ago but that still doesn’t account for all the time I wasted wallowing in hopelessness. I did this to myself and now I’m undoing it.

Loving yourself is the first step in creating change. I love myself enough to desire a healthier lifestyle. I’m currently on the road to diabetes which unfortunately runs heavily in my family. I want to change it to the path of euphoria. Analyzing your habits is the second step and I’ll admit that I’m a stress eater. There is no secret potion to drink to be immune from stress. Each day we all encounter stress of some kind. What I’ve learned is to embrace the stress, learn from it and then move on. Its helpful to accept things that you cannot change too. Last and definitely not the least is to initiate healthy rituals. Incorporating daily exercise and opting for wholesome foods is a change to be kept.  This is the change of my season and the journey to healthiness.

-shani anona