Driving While Impatient

6 04 2010

I never thought it would happen to me. I always thought I was a good driver whose thriving to become a great one. I’m defensive when needed and yet yielding especially to the pedestrians on the streets. I never abuse the horn regardless if I’m in a hospital zone or not; although there were times that I wanted to blare it to get my message across. But the majority of the time I immensely enjoy the privilege of being behind the wheel. But today I fell victim to knowing better but not doing better. I cast myself with the folks who do crazy stunts on the road. Those who grace the look of shame and advert eye contact because they feel humiliated by their bad moves. I…Shani Anona…was driving while impatient.

Funny thing is that I really didn’t notice that I was stressing to get across town. I wasn’t late on my travel to work but was behind schedule which would have allowed me that carefree feeling of driving from home to work. Alicia Keys was singing my favorite song from her new album, “Un-thinkable (I’m Ready)” and traffic was moving. It wasn’t until I hit that intersection for a left turn with busy oncoming traffic did I realize I was behind a timid driver. I tried to be patient although I noticed many opportunities where this person would’ve safely turned. Or more realistically, those were ops where I would have turned. I heard the taxi behind me beeping his horn and others joined in unison which caused more tension, this person wasn’t moving until they were ready. When he finally inched out but missed another turn the taxi behind me made the left turn and deserted us in the middle of the intersection. So I hastily tried to follow this cab driver’s lead and there it was…another car coming forward!

God protected me y’all. I instinctively jammed on my brakes and turned my steering wheel so I wasn’t blocking the path. I felt the donkey ears dusting my shoulder as I went around that car and made my left turn. I felt like the hat on my head read dunce for my ridiculous actions and in-consideration. I suddenly heard my best friend’s comment about my aggressive driving. At the time my blood boiled when I thought she was criticizing my techniques but her message was clear which was for me to calm down. She was right! I accept the lesson this provided me which is why I want to share it you, my readers. Always drive patiently. By doing the opposite it’s just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. It impairs your judgment and the results can be disastrous. If you’re late going somewhere…you are late! If a person is driving too slow…let them! You don’t know what’s going on with that driver and cannot predict their actions!


The Time Traveler, The N Word

16 02 2010

The nigger word was concocted during a time in our history when being Negro, Black, or African-American was considered ugly, unacceptable, and inferior. It’s traveled with us for centuries, like a black plague it’s a vital reminder of the anguish and degradation that our fore-fathers’ had to endure on a daily basis. Through time-travel it has been desensitized and transformed to what some consider is a less harsher term; nigga word was born. For quite some time it has appeared in our talk music and dare I admit this, used as a term of endearment towards another person. It’s on our streets, out of the mouths of our people, so it was no surprise to me when John Mayer used the term nigger during his March 2010 Playboy Magazine interview. What was shocking was how he used it…nonchalance, like an everyday word to describe the homeboys at the corner store. I actually think John thought it would impress his interviewer that he knew some slang…or not! For John Mayer, this slip of the tongue is something that will become a bashful incident; but for us, it’s a wake up call. Whether the blatant ‘nigger’ or its derivative ‘nigga’ is used, it still leaves an uncomfortable stench that fills the air when spoken and a constant reminder that we will never overcome the pain of our past until we bury this word and discontinue it’s usage.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

10 02 2010

It wasn’t until my adult years that I began to pay attention to politics and how it affects the world. And it wasn’t until Barack Obama became President of our country that I really cared. So it’s really needless for me to admit that when the Obamas’ are present, they always have my undivided. Mrs. Obama delivers such poise and elegance when seen. She is not only a striking partner to our President but an equally intelligent lawyer and style maven. Michelle Obama’s fashion is like an awesome runway show and I’m in the front row! Did you see the hair in these videos? I’m still in awe of her beautiful coiffed bob which was reminiscent of silk! First Lady has it going on!

But on the real, Michelle Obama is also making history alongside her husband. She is the first, First Lady cast in the forefront and her projects are missions on cultivating a healthier future for all of us. Childhood obesity is a serious issue that has been ignored far too long. It’s painful to witness children battling an addiction to food or junk food for that matter when this behavior could have been curved or ultimately ceased. Not only does this impede their lives but it also leads to detrimental health issues. This in turn affects our health-care with the requirement of treating illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, respiratory problems, and even cancer. Mrs. Obama states, “there is no one size fits all solution here,” which I feel is a powerful message for us to end condoning this behavior with our children. She continued to stress with implementing tactful discretion like portion control and opting for beneficial substitutions are wise choices. Encouraging a more active livelihood for our youth is another solution to the goal. Michelle Obama, I applaud you for your work in making this change happen!

When Beauty Is Painful

24 01 2010

I remember many moons ago when I worked with children, I wore these really cute sandals one day to compliment my outfit. Now I knew this wasn’t a smart decision to wear uncomfortable shoes because with children you’re always on your feet but I adored the rave reviews I received from my co-workers so it balanced out. By the end of my day, I could barely move because my feet were extremely swollen and it was so painful to walk. I embraced it and took my bus ride home…practically begging for a seat and when I finally got one, it offered temporary relief. When my stop came and I stood up, my feet were numb and I could barely move. I slowly walked home and winced with each painful baby-step. I watched people as they walked pass me but I couldn’t move too fast from the menacing pain. I wanted to take off my sandals but was afraid to walk barefoot on the ground. By the time I reached my building I had enough and removed them but it didn’t offer any relief. My feet were swollen, blistered, and cut in fragile places; most of all, I couldn’t walk as a result. Of course the next day I couldn’t stand so I had to call out. I vividly recall what the principal said when I called in, “Shani, beauty is painful.” Back then I never really grasped that concept because it was a rare occasion that I would allow my vanity to override my comfort. Today, I fully understand the meaning of her statement. With so many celebrities going under the knife or conducting some sort of cosmetic surgery for the sake of their beauty, my principal’s words hold validity.

Heidi Montag is the latest celebrity to go public with her painful beauty journey…again! On her first trip many critics praised Heidi’s new look and actually said she looked better. According to them, her nose was perfected and buxom was added to her boobage. What ever happened to using make up to enhance features and where is the Wonder Bra for that extra boost to the cleavage?

Now on her encore round of surgeries, many critics are insisting that Heidi has become a cosmetic surgeon’s dream…someone who enjoys wasting money to have countless tweakings. And in my opinion, this blasphemy is totally unnecessary! What’s incredibly sad is how deluded Heidi is about her spirituality on reversing her looks which inevitably makes her seem older than 23 years. And the stress she puts her body through to look what she thinks is beautiful…is just sickening. Again another celebrity is sending a self-defecating message to younger legions of fans that they can alter what they think are imperfections. Let’s also remind them about the people who lost their lives to look beautiful and the pain that their families felt when those changes were final.

Can Lee Daniels Direct Another Oscar Home Run?

10 01 2010

Do you remember the day Halle Berry made history and became the first African-American woman to win an Oscar for the Best Actress in a leading role? I vividly recall her tearful speech from the 74th Academy Awards back in 2002. It was a heartfelt experience watching the strikingly beautiful Halle lose her calm composure and express her shock of winning for her gritty role in Monster’s Ball. Back then, I had mixed emotions about Halle’s outstanding achievement; On one hand, I was extremely proud of her but on the other disappointed that Halle had to remove her clothing to get the award. Today my opinion has drastically changed about her win. Halle received that accolade because she convincingly portrayed a person that was totally out of her character…a woman desperately seeking to feel good because the world was crumbling around her.

Well the nominations are out for the 82nd Academy Awards and Lee Daniels direction has brought two more talented actresses to the forefront. Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe is up for Best Actress in a lead and Mo’Nique is following with Best Supporting. Gabby poignantly displayed that a rose can grow through concrete and Mo’Nique made ugliness look good! This year I will be watching the Oscars not just for the fashion but because I’m rooting for both of these women to win for their commendable work in Precious. I would like to watch Mo’ make a graceful speech as large tears stream down her face without smearing her make up. And although Gabby is up against one of my all time favorite actresses, Meryl Streep, I still think she’s going to pull a Jennifer Hudson! Stay tuned to see if I’m correct on March 7th 2010.

Believe in 2010

1 01 2010

Happy New Year Readers!

I’m writing this post on 2010’s special day, January 1st! It’s time to begin anew and build new memories. I for one am beginning my fresh start right. I’m pleasantly pleased to share with you that I was blessed with a new full-time assignment and my first day of work is January 4th! It took eleven grueling months and I’ve been on countless interviews but a door has finally opened. I’m so grateful to find a new employment home. If you are in a similar situation please lean on your faith that your time will come too. I know that’s easier said than done; I was even doubtful at times but no matter how hopeless I felt, I kept trying. Persevere!

Resolutions are traditional but I’ve decided not to cast one this year. In the past I would make one…okay, three and never achieved the goals that I set for myself. In 2010 I’m just going to BELIEVE and know that all my heart’s desires will happen for me when the time is right. No more expectations or disappointments; I’m just going to let God predict my future. Believe and it will happen!


Shani Anona

Reflections of 09′

30 12 2009

As the January 2010 magazines begin to pile up in my mailbox, I’m reminded that 2009’s time is up! I cannot believe how quickly this year went full circle. Plainly it proves my grandmother was correct when she used to say, “time ain’t waiting on none of us.” So I’ve decided to reflect on some of the things that really touched and changed my life in so many miraculous ways. I’ve created 3 blogs and was rekindled with my passion for the written word! Love, live, and breathe to write…going to stop chasing my dream of writing a book and commit myself into doing it! I traded in my fashionista coating for a recessionista armor which believe me was a difficult achievement. With the unfortunate downsize that I had experienced, I had no choice but to control my compulsive spending…speaking of shopping, I cannot believe they actually made a movie about someone like me, Confessions of a Shopaholic; Go figure! I acclimated to my new environment and prioritized my needs over wants; full-fledged-adult-here! Budgeting also taught me to respect the value of my dollars…and pennies too!

President Barack Obama made history and proved that change has come to our nation. His glamorous other half, Michelle Obama, brought back fashion to the White House where Jacqueline Kennedy left off. Mesmerizing to say the least of the Obamas’. Oprah announced her retirement and boy was that a blow for an avid viewer & fan like myself. As she grew emotional and fought back tears, I allowed mine to roll down my face; I couldn’t mask my disappointment of losing her as well as my joy for her new journey. Hey, I blame it on getting older…certain commercials can bring the waterworks on! Anyone who personally knows me is aware of the reverence I have for Ms. Winfrey. She’s been a part of my life for almost 25 years and during this time she has become a trusted friend of some sort and is definitely a true visionary…Ms. Winfrey makes dreams come true.

The importance of living my life to the fullest everyday was delicately reminded with the untimely deaths of my beloved grand-aunt and so many famous people too. We said our goodbyes to countless talents that I know my list will not be completely accurate. Michael Jackson, listening to your music uplifted me in my darkest hours…thank you! DJ AM missing those turntable mixes; Patrick Swayze, your masculinity and graceful moves made Dirty Dancing a cult-classic; Ricardo Montalban, enjoyed your illusions on Fantasy Island; Farrah Fawcett, forget Charlie…you’re God’s Angel now; John Updike, think of you fondly when watching the mischievousness of The Witches of Eastwick; Senator Ted Kennedy, appreciated your contribution to our politics and thanks for your Obama endorsement; John Hughes…I feel forever young when watching your slew of 80’s hits, Sixteen Candles, Weird Science, Breakfast Club…genius! Natasha Richardson…you were unconvincing as an icy diva in Maid in Manhattan because you were quite the opposite; Bea Arthur, you are eternally one of the Golden Girls; Brittany Murphy, never Clueless…just rolling with the homies!

In closing, I’m grateful to you, my dedicated readers, and look forward to providing edutainment to your computers in 2010!